From across Hampshire and Berkshire to Surrey, Sussex and Kent, our 500 miles of motorways and A-roads take people to visitor attractions like Windsor Castle, Ascot races, Legoland and Wembley Stadium.

At holiday time the south coast, including Brighton and Bournemouth, draws the crowds via the M3 while those seeking an international getaway use the M25, the M23 and the M4 to fly from Gatwick and Heathrow. Our roads also support the international ports of Dover, Portsmouth and Southampton.

The South East’s roads are the most heavily used in the country and our work on the M4, the M3, the M23 and the M25 will improve traffic flow as well as maintain these vital routes.

But it’s not just all about cars and drivers. We’re improving conditions for pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists too, and we strike a fine balance between increasing capacity and safety as well as protecting history, landscape and the environment. 

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