M27 junction 5 to 7 concrete overlay

This project will provide a low-noise surface along the M27 between junctions 5 and 7, reducing noise for nearby communities, ensuring a smoother ride for drivers and extending the life of the concrete road, which will be protected by a new asphalt overlay.

Start date Autumn 2023
End date Spring 2025
Cost Estimated £48 million

Latest updates

  • 01 March 2022

    Detailed design work gets under way

    We've started the project's detailed design, which is due to complete this autumn.

    Between January and February, we also repaired the existing concrete in several places and replaced some of the concrete bays in preparation for the main overlay work next year. The whole concrete section will be overlaid with low-noise surface course system.

Project information


The concrete layer of the M27 between junction 5 and 7 will be overlaid with 180mm of low noise surface asphalt. Due to the thickness of this new asphalt layer, we'll need to make changes to the existing barrier systems, drainage, structures and other assets.

Concrete roads make up almost 400 miles (4%) of England’s motorway and major A-road network. Around half of these roads will either have repairs or be replaced by 2025, as part of our commitment to delivering the Government's second Road Investment Strategy to maintain and renew the strategic road network.  

We’ll be using innovative techniques and new technology to provide a modern road that will last for decades to come, and which is easier and quicker for us to repair in future.

Find out more about our nationwide Concrete Roads work.

The road surface was designed to have an average life span of 50 years. Concrete roads have proved tough and durable over the years, needing very little in the way of maintenance or the roadworks that can affect people’s journeys.

However, the surface is now reaching the stage where it will need to be repaired or replaced for safety reasons, to reduce noise and improve it for driving on. The thick asphalt overlay of the M27 will ensure that the concrete stays stable for much longer and we won't need to replace it in a few years.

The M27 at this location passes through several Noise Important Areas. The new low-noise surface will help to reduce the noise and will benefit the communities living near the road.

You can see from the information above what we're planning for this stretch of the M27. 

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