Lower Thames Crossing, 2023 year in review

It’s been an exciting year on the Lower Thames Crossing, from the examination of our Development Consent Order application and the launch of our first sustainability report, to celebrating the Dartford Crossing’s 60th birthday to undertaking an ambitious programme of investments in local communities, read on for our 2023 review of the year

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15 Dec Aug 2023

New video fly-through shows improved design

January launched with our latest fly-through, showing the design we submitted for development consent.

This fly-through illustrates the improved design of the route, which has been shaped by the most comprehensive programme of consultation and engagement ever undertaken for a UK road scheme.

Lower Thames Crossing community events held

In January, we held a series of events at community halls and shopping centres, giving local communities a chance to chat with our teams.

We are holding more community events early next year. 
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Community events

National Highways awards Balfour Beatty Lower Thames Crossing Roads North of the Thames contract

January saw the announcement of the roads North of the Thames contract.
This contract is a two-stage design and build contract delivering around 10 miles of new road north of the Thames.

Read more about this major milestone
The Lower Thames Crossing

The Lower Thames Crossing is not a nice to have, it’s a vital piece of the UK’s future infrastructure that would tackle congestion on the Dartford Crossing and help unlock the huge potential of the Thames Estuary.

Watch our film about the parliamentary reception that we held in May.

Why people need a new crossing

What’s it like living near the Dartford Crossing, one of the most vital but congested roads in the UK? Local people and drivers have been sharing their stories and telling us why they support our plans to create a new, reliable Lower Thames Crossing.

Read and watch more below.

Hear from the local community on how much of a problem Dartford is for them, and how much they need the Lower Thames Crossing

The Early Talent Awards, Green Careers Week and working with your canine friends in the office.

Earlier in 2023, we took a look at what it’s like to be an apprentice on the Lower Thames Crossing.

Start of our Development Consent Order examination

In June, we began our Development Consent Order (DCO) examination. This is a six-month process when the Examining Authority examine our DCO application against the tests in the National Policy Statement for National Networks.

The Examining Authority have assessed feedback from the public and stakeholders through written representations and the hearings.

Read more about seeking permission to build and operate the Lower Thames Crossing

Our first sustainability report

In July, we published our first sustainability report.

This brings to life our achievements, commitments, and ambitions to sustainability and showcases our bold plans for the future. It’s our intention to publish this report on an annual basis, to both track our progress and to share our future plans as our ambitions grow.

Sustainability report
Sustainability Report, highlighting how we are designing the Lower Thames Crossing to be the UK’s greenest road ever

Read more about the second part of 2023