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We’ve teamed up with Minecraft to recreate the Lower Thames Crossing in two new games

In the games, students will be able to jump in and explore building one of the world’s largest tunnels and what is involved with keeping a busy road safe.

The games have been designed for both KS2 (7-11) and KS3 (11-14) age groups to learn about the range of skills involved to deliver a large infrastructure project, from ecology to civil engineering and technology.

The students will also be learning about the key people who make it work, from the operator of the enormous tunnelling machines to the ecologists who discover and protect local nature and wildlife.

Minecraft is a game where you your imagination is unlimited. Don’t forget to check-out the Creative Modes which can be used during lunchtime or after school clubs to design and build new creations.

Tunnel digging game

Our games:

Tunnel Digging: Students will be learning about tunnelling and have the chance to excavate and build a portion of the new Lower Thames Crossing tunnel using a Minecraft model. 

Sign Safety: Students will be the controller behind keeping the new Lower Thames Crossing safe. Using Make Code, they will manage road signs responding to different scenarios, including severe weather conditions and wandering animals.

"Omg yes!"
Student, when asked if they enjoyed playing the games

If you’re a school or alternative provision who would like access to the games, get in touch with our skills team:

Webinar for teachers

Hear from our skills team on exactly how you can incorporate the games into your classroom and curriculum plans. In a pre-recorded webinar, they will talk you through each of the games, the lesson plans and how you can either run the sessions yourself or with one of our staff volunteers.

Watch the webinar.

Minecraft games
"It was interesting for the pupils to learn about the wide variety of jobs and skills required for the construction of a tunnel under the Thames and how much technology is used"