Project artist impressions, new road and tunnels

Explore the latest Lower Thames Crossing artist impressions

M2/A2 along the A2 near Park Pale bridge, looking west

A2/M2 Corridor

Aerial view of Thong Lane green bridge south

Lower Thames Crossing and A2/M2 junction

Redirected NCR177 cycle path in Kent

Thong Lane green bridge north with planting

Thong Lane green bridge

Thong towards Thong Lane green bridge looking north

Thong Lane green bridge from Lower Thames Crossing

Southern tunnel entrance

Chalk Park

Northern tunnel entrance

Repaired Two Forts Way foot and cycle path and Tilbury Fields park in Thurrock

Aerial view of northern tunnel entrance

Tilbury Viaduct (behind hedgerow) and utility diversions from Station Road

Lower Thames Crossing/Muckingford Road

Chadwell Link area

Chadwell St Mary looking towards the A13 Junction

Lower Thames Crossing/Rectory Road

Lower Thames Crossing/A13 junction

New landscaping around the A13

Mardyke Valley

Mardyke and Orsett Fen viaducts as they pass through the fenland landscape

Mardyke and Orsett Fen Viaducts

Thames Chase bridge

M25 junction 29

View of new bridge over the A127 to the west of J29

A127 bridge