Lower Thames Crossing - The need for the Lower Thames Crossing - Support from the community: Why people need a new crossing
"Nobody wants to leave their child in nursery until 7 o’clock and that is not something I ever wanted to"
Michelle: Uses the Dartford Crossing every day for work

Hours in traffic, late to school, cancelled plans, missed appointments and delays to or from work.

Millions of people rely on roads to get to work, school and to see family and friends. The Dartford Crossing has one of the largest specialist traffic management teams of its kind dedicated to keeping it moving 24/7, but due to the huge volume of traffic it is one of the most congested roads in the UK.

Over 80% of people we asked support the need for a new crossing. You can hear their stories on how much of a problem it is for them, and how much they need the Lower Thames Crossing below.

"It’s very exhausting just thinking about traffic all day"
Richard: A teacher in Dartford, the traffic makes recruiting staff challenging

Hear stories about how traffic from the Dartford Crossing impacts people's lives...

The solution

When the Lower Thames Crossing opens it will reduce traffic on the Dartford Crossing by an average of around 20% - taking over 13 million vehicles away every year.

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A new connection...

The Lower Thames Crossing will create a new reliable route over the Thames and tackle congestion for the crossing and on nearby roads such as busy sections of the A2, M2 and A13 and relieve congestion on local roads – easing traffic and making journeys quicker and more reliable.

It will also better connect the region and unlock growth with better access to jobs, work and education.

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Tens of thousands of people and businesses agree that the Lower Thames Crossing is needed. Join them and add your support.

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"It becomes a childcare problem, a caring problem. If you’ve got to get an appointment… We’re always checking..."
Sarah: She likes living in Dartford but the traffic makes it difficult
"The cohort of students we’ve got in now they’ve had quite a disrupted time… Any missed opportunity for learning is a further hinderance for those kids"
Alex: talks about the impacts traffic can have on his students, as well an emergency item he keeps in his car for those dreaded moments he’s delayed
Lower Thames Crossing - The need for the Lower Thames Crossing - Support from the community: Why people need a new crossing