Whether you’re heading north to south or east to west across the country, you’re likely to travel through our network in the East Midlands.

We’re the beating heart of the country and roads support economic growth, helping connect global brands to their customers. Many national distribution companies have chosen the Midlands as their home because of the excellent road infrastructure here.

Our major roads, like the M1 and the M6, connect the Midlands to local roads and with the rest of the UK and the world, via rail, ports and airports.  

We work hard to provide better journeys for the millions who live in the East Midlands and use our roads daily, whether by car, on foot, cycling or using public transport. We’re the home of world-class venues like Silverstone, which attract tens of thousands of visitors every year. We make sure their journeys are run smoothly by keeping our roads well maintained, improving safety and introducing new technology. 

We care about the natural environment and communities near our roads, reducing noise, improving air quality and preserving our beautiful rural areas.   

Through increased capacity, safer junctions and new bypasses, we’ll continue to maintain and improve the East Midlands network; to keep people moving today and moving better tomorrow.  

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