Significant risk profiling

The Supply Chain Safety Leadership Group (SCSLG), with our full support, is launching the next phase of Significant Risk: Strategic Direction. This aims to eliminate the significant risks that cause life-changing harm to those working on the strategic road network.

Significant risk profiling

The Strategic Direction has been formulated as a result of consultation with the members of the SCSLG and 35 of our existing suppliers. It is a different approach that unreservedly prioritises the most significant health and safety risks to our supply chain in order to help achieve the vision of Home Safe and Well by 2040.

Sadly, fatalities and life-changing harm continues to exist in our industry. Even within businesses that statistically are considered high performing, fatal and life-changing harm can and does occur. It is time that we stop this and drive out fatal harm from our industry once and for all.

It is time to be different. We accept in life that people make mistakes, but we cannot accept that a mistake in the workplace can lead to life-changing harm, or even fatality. It is for this reason, that we and the SCSLG now feel confident that it is time to take the next steps to eliminate significant risks by widening this new Strategic Direction to the whole supply chain.

Collaboration is key to the successful elimination of the most significant risks to our people and I am writing to you today to ask for your full support in the development and delivery of this new approach.

As business leaders, we are calling on your commitment to adopt this new Strategic Direction in your own businesses. The SCSLG has developed a six-stage process to support you in embedding this approach in your businesses:

  • Significant risk education
  • Significant risk strategy developed
  • Initial significant risk profile completed
  • Significant risk prioritised
  • Objectives set to de-risk the significant risk profile
  • Ongoing significant risk performance monitoring

The following correspondence is from Malcolm Dare, our Executive Director for Commercial and Procurement:

Significant Risk Strategic Direction - Letter from Malcolm Dare (February 2023)

Significant Risk Strategic Direction Update - Letter from Malcolm Dare (May 2023)

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