This is where we share resources and information about health, safety and wellbeing to support our workers and suppliers to ensure that everyone gets home safe and well. See 'Home Safe and Well - Our approach to heath, safety and wellbeing'.

We need your input too and want you to share your experiences with us, providing examples of best practice and lessons learned. This information will help us to create a bank of knowledge and experience that can be shared across our supplier community to improve health safety and wellbeing for all.

Our corporate Home Safe and Well aim is:

“No one should be harmed when travelling or working on the strategic road network"

You'll find a wide range of information to help you to stay up to date with the latest advice, ideas and initiatives, including National Highways Health and Safety Alerts.

Latest news:

Cyber security for our strategic road network - July 2023

As our strategic road network becomes increasingly reliant on digital connectivity for its operations, cyber security becomes ever more critical to ensure the safety and efficiency of our transport infrastructure.

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Safety moments

Use the safety moment generator to create a topic for your discussion on health and safety, and give us your safety moment ideas.

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Highways Passport

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Blue Star Awards are our opportunity to recognise companies, teams and individual who have:

  • delivered benefits for Health, Safety or Wellbeing through innovation
  • shared that knowledge, method or product improve Health, Safety and Wellbeing across our sector


To nominate a brilliant idea that’s made a real difference to Health, Safety or Wellbeing email

Make sure you include:

  • a case study
  • photographs
  • any additional supporting evidence

Your nomination will go forward to our Safety Panel, which includes representatives from across our organisation and supply chain.

Scoring nominations

Our Safety Panel will consider your nomination against six criteria:


Why did you bring this solution to your business? Does it link to one of your Key Performance Indicators or a particular issue or challenge you have?


Is your nomination about a product, equipment or a new way of working? Is it something that has never been seen before? Maybe it’s a new way of applying an existing method or product? How is it innovative?

Raising the bar

Does your solution apply to one of the Raising the Bar categories?

What you did

Was your approach structured? Who was involved in identifying your solution? What did you actually do to deliver the Health, Safety and Wellbeing benefits?


What is the extent of Health, Safety and Wellbeing benefits? Are there other benefits such as CO2 emissions, sustainability, time saved?


Can this solution be applied on other projects? How easy is it for others to implement?

These descriptions give you an idea of the sort of information you need to supply. They're not definitive.

If we need more information, we’ll invite you to come and discuss your submission at the next panel meeting

Good Luck. We look forward to receiving your nominations.

Learn more about the Blue Star Award Process.

The Supply Chain Maturity Matrix (SCMM) helps organisations:

  • demonstrate safety cultural maturity
  • describe their progress toward safety excellence

Completing the Matrix is an existing contractual agreement under Annex 15 - Health and Safety Scope.

Follow this link to complete the Supply Chain Maturity Matrix.

Supply Chain Maturity Matrix process workflow.

An archive of all our case studies: