Notifying an abnormal load movement offline

How to notify an abnormal load movement if you are not registered to use the ESDAL system

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Forms for offline notification
Other forms
Vehicle Special Order (VSO)

If you are not registered to use the Electronic Service Delivery for Abnormal Loads (ESDAL) system, you can use these forms to:

  • make an application to move an abnormal load
  • notify the authorities

There are different application forms depending on the dimensions and weight of the load and vehicle you are using. Please read the notification requirements for moving abnormal loads (aide memoire) for more guidance.

You cannot apply too early to move an abnormal load. We invite applications for agreement in principle even at the pre-tender stage, before any financial commitment is made to supply and deliver the load.

Approval isn't automatic and is at the discretion of our Abnormal Loads Team acting on behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport.

When considering applications to move a load by road, we will consider the disruption and congestion it could cause and whether alternative modes of transport (such as water or rail) could be used.

Forms for offline notification

Notification to Police, Highway and Bridge Authorities (interactive form - please download before editing).

Notification to Police, Highway and Bridge Authorities (interactive form guidance)

This form lets you auto-populate certain information, as well as selecting from a pick list of Police, Highway and Bridge authorities.

You can use this form in place of the following forms of notice:

Other forms

BE16 form

Vehicle details for abnormal load movements authorised by Special Order.

VR1 form

Application for authority to move a vehicle with a load that exceeds 5.0 metres but does not exceed 6.1 metres in width.

Non-ESDAL notifications (NEN) SOAP API usage guide

SOAP API stands for simple object access protocol application programming interface. Hauliers who don't use ESDAL can send notifications from their own systems to ESDAL through a Machine to Machine interface on a SOAP API.

Brief guide for category 1 2 And 3 Abnormal Indivisible Load (AIL) vehicles

Total weight and axle requirements in each category.

Form of indemnity

Form of indemnity in respect of damage caused in the course of a journey notified under the Road Vehicles (Authorisation of Special Types) (General) Order 2003.

Notice requesting a local highway authority to secure the removal of an obstruction

This form is the notice of request to a local highway authority to secure the removal of an obstruction from a highway. Because different procedures may apply to different obstructions, you should use one form for each obstruction.

Vehicle Special Order (VSO)


You should apply to the Vehicle Certification Agency if you are moving special types or special purpose vehicles that:

  • may not be fully permitted by the ‘Construction and Use (C&U) Regulations’
  • are outside the scope of the Special Types General Order

Mobile Cranes

The Road Vehicles (Authorisation of Special Types) (General) Order 2003, Statutory Instrument 1998 - Part 2 (Articles 10 to 18) gives notification requirements for mobile cranes.