Supporting the transition to zero emission vehicles on the strategic road network


20 Dec 2023

A key strand of activity on the road to net zero is the transition to cleaner vehicles on our roads. We are working on a range of initiatives underway to support this goal. One action we committed to in our net zero highways plans is to publish a blueprint for EV charging services on our roads.

This is a fast developing area and since the publication of Net zero highways: our 2030 / 2040 / 2050 plan in July 2021, the landscape has changed.

The Department for Transport has published Taking charge: the electric vehicle infrastructure strategy which outlines the vision and action plan for rolling out electric vehicle charging infrastructure ahead of the dates for phasing out petrol and diesel vehicles.

The government’s plan for drivers aims to help people make the switch to electric vehicles through speeding up the rollout of charging points. To enable this, we will administer the rapid charging fund and oversee delivery as motorway service area operators take their projects forward.

The rapid charging fund will ensure that the private sector can continue to expand the charging network and future-proof electricity network capacity 10 years ahead to a minimum of 2035, with a stretch target of 2050. An extensive high-speed charging network will empower customers to seamlessly transition to electric vehicles, ensuring they can rapidly charge whenever necessary when travelling on the motorway.

In addition, the government has introduced new regulations to make charging an electric vehicle easier, quicker and more reliable.

These measures taken by the government supersede the need for us to independently develop a blueprint for EV charging services on our roads.

We will continue to play a key role in supporting the rollout of EV charging.