We want our roads to work more harmoniously with the communities that live alongside them, and the built, natural and historic environments that surround them. Every aspect of our business has a part to play in improving environmental performance, alongside ensuring we meet our statutory obligations.

We'll build on the progress made during the first road period and embed environmental considerations into all our activities, ranging from infrastructure design to scheme delivery.

This will be supported by our Designated Fund for environment and wellbeing.

We'll also help government in delivering wider environmental strategies, including their 25-year environment plan, Road to zero strategy, Clean air strategy 2019 and Air quality plan for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in UK.

We have recently published our net zero plan, which sets out an ambitious programme putting roads at the heart of Britain’s net zero future. This sets out how we are taking fast action across our own operations, we will lead decarbonisation of England’s highways construction and we will support making every journey on our network emission free.

"We know that there’s a need to balance people’s need to travel on our roads with doing all we can to protect and improve the environment."
Mike Wilson, Executive Director Safety, Engineering and Standards