Noise insulation scheme

If your property is affected by noise from one of the roads we manage, you may qualify for our noise insulation scheme.

About noise insulation

Is my property eligible for the scheme?

What are the types of insulation available?

Will all my windows be included?

What if I choose not to accept the offer but then change my mind?

What if my landlord or tenant does not want the work carried out but I do?

What if I live in a listed property or managed estate?

What is involved?

Who will carry out the work?

How long should the process take?

Will there be a maintenance grant for the noise insulation package?

Further information


About noise insulation

While noise is a natural consequence of a modern society, it can have serious implications for human health, economic prosperity and the natural environment. 

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has identified specific noise ‘hotspots’ – or noise important areas (NIAs) – alongside our network, where road noise is impacting people living close by. 

The noise insulation scheme aims to provide acoustic glazing and ventilation to eligible properties affected by noise from our network. 

The scheme is not open to applications as the properties have been carefully selected using the criteria outlined below. 

We'll be contacting eligible properties as soon as we can to arrange property surveys. 

The scheme is funded by our Environment and Wellbeing Designated Fund and aims to provide support to properties in NIAs where they're eligible. 


Is my property eligible for the scheme? 

If your property is eligible for support, we or our contractor will contact you by post once the scheme is in operation. There's no need for you to contact us directly. 

To be eligible for the scheme you must own or occupy a private property, or other building used for residential purposes. The property must be located within a NIA identified as suitable for the scheme.

If you've received an application pack in the post, please make sure you respond before the deadline noted in your pack. After the deadline date has passed, you'll no longer be eligible.

If you have not been contacted but still want to check if your property is eligible, you can do so using the link below: 

Check here if you're eligible

What are the types of insulation available? 

If your property is eligible, our contractor will determine the best solution for your property from the following methods: 

Secondary glazing

This will be the main method used for most properties in the scheme. It usually involves a separate pane of glass in a wooden, metal or plastic frame about 100 – 200 mm inside the existing window. The existing window will remain in place. Secondary glazing can be opened for cleaning or ventilation. 

Double glazing

Double glazing will be used where secondary glazing is not suitable for the property. This consists of two panes of glass in the same casing, typically around 20mm apart which replace the existing window, reducing the noise in the property 


This will bring fresh air into the property without opening the windows which will help to further minimise noise in the property. 

The scheme is not a grant scheme. We will not give you funds to carry out the work yourself.


Will all my windows be included? 

We'll only look to install noise mitigating measures in what we consider to be 'noise sensitive' rooms in any property and only where there is evidence to show there will be a reduction in noise. 

Noise sensitive rooms for the purpose of this scheme include: 

  • bedrooms 
  • living or reception rooms 
  • dining rooms, including kitchens with dedicated dining areas 
  • studies 

We'll not provide insulation to other rooms including, but not limited to

  • bathrooms and toilets
  • hallways, landings and porches
  • utility rooms
  • kitchens without dining areas or conservatories

We prioritise noise sensitive rooms so we can provide the benefits of the scheme to more homes across our network. 


What if I choose not to accept the offer but then change my mind? 

If you're eligible and we make you an offer, you can choose to proceed with all or part of the offer. You can choose not to accept the offer but there is no option to change your mind later. 

You must make a decision to accept an offer of noise insulation within the deadline shown in your offer pack. 

If you don't respond within the timeframe due to circumstances beyond your control, we'll give due consideration to your case and may seek evidence to support it. However, the final decision will lie with us. 

The scheme is not compulsory and you can opt not to be included. If you choose not to accept the offer of noise insulation there's no option to change your mind later.


What if my landlord or tenant does not want the work carried out but I do?

We'll try to reach agreement between all parties wherever possible.

If you want to have the work carried out, you should do all you reasonably can to reach agreement with all other interested parties who can influence whether the work can be carried out. 


What if I live in a listed property or managed estate? 

If you live in a listed property, conservation area or managed estate, approval is required from either the local authority in the form of planning consent approval or the managing agent in the form of written approval. 

This will mean a longer overall timeframe between us contacting you and any product being installed. 

The property owner is responsible for obtaining these approvals. Where any product specific technical drawings or details are required in support of any approval, we'll provide these.


What is involved? 

If your property is eligible for the scheme we may arrange for surveyors to visit you to assess the property. 

We'll work with you to determine a time that's convenient for you. 

The surveyors may take measurements outside your property and in noise sensitive rooms with windows open and closed. Someone will need to be present to allow access inside the property during the survey. 

The surveyors will also determine: 

  • which side or sides of the property face the road 
  • the internal layout – to identify the location of noise sensitive rooms 
  • the number and sizes of potentially eligible windows 
  • the potential positioning of ventilation 

Surveyors carrying out the assessments in your property will be unable to guarantee which windows are eligible, as this is determined by the acoustic review following this visit.

Our contractor will provide you with an offer of insulation where appropriate and try to answer any questions you have. 

If you're happy with the offer, you can accept and our contractor will arrange a suitable date for installation.


Who will carry out the work?

Where your property is eligible for any work we'll arrange for our approved contractors to contact you. We won't reimburse you for any work undertaken by another contractor.

Our approved contractors are:


How long should the whole process take? 

We'll try to keep you fully informed and minimise any disruption to you. 

We'll assess each eligible property and inform the owners of the timescales involved.

Due to the variation of properties across the country, times will vary. It's not possible for us to determine the times involved until on-site assessments have been completed. 


Will there be a maintenance grant for the noise insulation package? 

No. There will be no obligation:

  • to repair, maintain or make any payments in respect of any equipment or apparatus installed under our Noise Insulation Scheme
  • to pay for the running costs, which will be minimal, of the mechanical ventilation units

However, if equipment such as the ventilation units fail after installation through no fault of the resident and it's still under warranty, they should contact the installer who will have provided contact details at the point of installation.


Further information 

If you have a question about the noise insulation scheme and can't find the answer here, please contact

For all other queries about noise on our road network, such as road schemes, noise barriers or noisy road surfaces, please contact

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