Classifying and marking information

The Government Security Classification Scheme outlines the way in which National Highways protectively marks its data and information to keep it safe


All National Highways employees and suppliers:

  • are responsible for protecting the ¬†information they use
  • must apply the government security classification scheme to National Highways data and information


The classification used for all information within National Highways is OFFICIAL.  There is no requirement to explicitly mark information as OFFICIAL.

There is a subset of information either produced or processed by National Highways and its supply chain which has a greater level of sensitivity.

This information should be clearly marked OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE whether it is physical or electronic information.

This includes:

  • information that could compromise National Highways security
  • risk registers for operational risks
  • personal information (which can be marked with a PERSONAL tag)
  • financial and commercially sensitive information (which can be marked with a COMMERCIAL tag)

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