A40 Leys Bend Rockfall

A rockfall in early 2024 raised concern about the long-term stability of the hillside and caused damage to the carriageway.

Start date February 2024
End date TBC
Cost TBC

Latest updates

  • 05 April 2024

    Traffic management changes - update

    Following feedback we successfully changed our traffic management on Thursday 28 March, moving the lane closure north of Dixton Roundabout. Feedback so far has suggested this has helped reduce the congestion in the area. The 40mph speed limit remains in place through the roadworks as does the temporary concrete barrier, which stops debris falling into the path of traffic.

    We’re now exploring the best traffic management solution to progress the debris clearance from the A40. These options include staggered daytime closures or a contraflow. As the contraflow will need suitable crossover points designed (locations where traffic moves onto the opposite carriageway), this will mean that the debris removal would take longer to begin than full daytime closures would. This is because we would need to survey the central reservation under a closure to ensure it can take traffic running over it, and if not then work would be required to strengthen it.

    We’re still in conversations with Monmouthshire County Council and South Wales Trunk Road Agent to progress this work. We’re hoping to have a programme of work to clear the site and make the area safe ready to share soon.  

    We understand the perception that little work is happening to clear the site, but we’re working hard to make sure we implement the best traffic management solution for the clearance, while keeping everybody safe.

    Once the debris is clear, we’ll be in a better position to understand what work is needed to secure the rockfall site. 

  • 22 March 2024

    Traffic management changes planned to ease traffic congestion

    We’re making changes to the traffic management on the A40 at Leys Bend, to help reduce congestion in the area and make journey times more reliable.

    Our project team has reviewed the emergency traffic measures put in place to safely open the A40 at Leys Bend after the rockfall. In response to your feedback, and in consultation with local highways authorities and travel partners, our team will move the current closure further along the road, north of the A466 Dixton roundabout at the Welsh Border. This change will ease tailbacks and congestion at the roundabout.

    The traffic management change will take place overnight on Thursday 28 March. The 40mph speed limit will remain in place through the roadworks as will the temporary concrete barrier, which stops debris falling into the path of traffic.

    In tandem with progressing work to adjust the traffic management, engineering specialists have been analysing the damage caused by the rockfall and the stability of the hillside to identify our options for carrying out repairs. 

    Our team will continue to make every effort to reduce the impact of the rockfall on the local community and travelling public, and we appreciate your continued patience while we deliver this essential safety work.

  • 18 March 2024

    Eastbound carriageway - update

    On Monday 19 February, we successfully opened lane two on the A40 eastbound carriageway with a reduced speed limit of 40mph. Lane one currently remains closed, and we’ve installed a temporary concrete barrier to separate the area from traffic and stop any material from falling into lane two.

    We’re regularly monitoring network performance and traffic in the area to understand if there are any additional measures we can put in place to improve journeys for road users.

    Our team is currently working on plans for repairing the hillside and rockface above the A40. Due to the complex nature of this incident, and loose material on the hillside, it’s likely this work will take several months to plan and complete.

    Repair work will be designed and led by engineering specialists, to ensure the long-term stability of the hillside. In the meantime, we aim to keep lane two open to traffic.

    As our survey work progresses, additional risks may be identified meaning we’ll need to install road closures to put in place safety precautions. Should this be necessary, we’ll issue regular updates and make sure disruption to the local community and travelling public are kept to a minimum.

Project information


There’s been a rockfall on the A40, close to the Welsh border, and therefore we need to carry out repair work to the hillside and rockface above the road.

The repair work to the hillside and rockface above the A40 will ensure the road remains safe to motorists for years to come.


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