Roads we manage

We manage the strategic road network (SRN) in England, comprising motorways and some A roads. Our road network is essential to the growth, wellbeing and balance of the nation’s economy.

Roads we manage

The strategic road network (SRN) is arguably the biggest and most important piece of infrastructure in the country. Its 4,300 miles of motorways and major A roads are at the core of our national transport system.  

Its many arteries connect our major towns and cities, ensure commuters make it to work every day, and help millions of us visit our friends and families. 

The SRN is the most heavily used part of the national road network, carrying a third of all traffic and two-thirds of all freight. It provides businesses with the means to get products and services to their customers, gives access to labour markets and suppliers and encourages trade and new investment.

Which roads do we manage?



Network management map

The network map contains:

  • motorways and A roads that we manage
  • our office locations and contact details
  • contact information for area teams and managing agents
  • abnormal load contacts
  • location of road schemes
  • location of Design Build Finance Operate (DBFO) contracts and their commencement dates

Network management map

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A map of motorways and A roads managed by Highways England, as well as the locations of road schemes and Design Build Finance Operate (DBFO). The map also gives Highways England office locations and contact details for our area teams, managing agents and for abnormal loads.

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Image showing the network map

We don’t manage all roads in England: 

If you're in Scotland or Wales: