A5 Towcester improvements

The A5 in Towcester has longstanding issues with the high levels of traffic passing through its historic town centre, causing environmental, safety and accessibility concerns to residents and businesses. We’ve now been able to develop options to help improve Towcester town centre.

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The main objectives of the scheme are:

  • to improve safety for all
  • to reduce the impact of air and noise pollution on surrounding environments and habitats
  • to increase the number of trips made in Towcester by walking and cycling
  • to help boost the local economy through increased trade and footfall
  • to make Towcester’s high street an attractive place to visit
  • to improve accessibility to Towcester town centre for everyone
  • to preserve Towcester’s rich history and identity

This proposed scheme aims to encourage through traffic, and in particular goods vehicles, to use the new link road and the A43 as an alternative to the A5. This will alleviate some of the more disruptive traffic from the town centre, improving accessibility and quality of life in Towcester.


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