Leaving a positive legacy

One of our main objectives with the A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet improvement scheme is to leave a positive legacy. We are already providing a range of benefits as part of the main scheme. Our approach is to work directly with partners such as local authorities, parish councils and community groups from the beginning to shape a legacy that adds value and supports local initiatives. Take a look below to see what we’ll be focussing on…  

Leaving a positive legacy

Enhancing the environment  

We understand the importance of the natural environment and will work with communities to:   

  • improve biodiversity 
  • enhance habitat connectivity and ecological features 
  • improve water quality and flood attenuation 

Enhancing the environment trees

How we're leaving a legacy – improving biodiversity  

We have already secured additional funding to support the local community in improving biodiversity around the main scheme. We have partnered with some local farmers and a park estate to look at how we could specifically enhance biodiversity on and around their land. 

Connecting and supporting communities 

We are sensitive to the needs of our neighbours and the communities who live and work near to our project, so we are working with our partners to:  

  • enhance connectivity and accessibility for walkers, cyclists and horse-riders 
  • improve different modes of transport journey choices 
  • increase investment in local community groups and voluntary organisations 

St Neots Market Square

How we're leaving a legacy – St Neots town centre regeneration 

We have secured an additional £3.5 million to support St Neots town centre regeneration projects. The funding will help to deliver three of the six Future High Streets Fund projects, it will support:  

  • Pedestrian and cycling improvements to St Neots Road Bridge 
  • High Street improvements including: tree-planting, improved crossings and safer loading and parking bays 
  • Market square improvements  
  • Improved public realm and connectivity enhancement for buses and taxis 
  • More information can be found on Huntingdonshire District Council website 

Developing local skills, employment and the economy 

We’re keen to support local economic growth around the area of the scheme and will work with partners to:  

  • Improve local employment opportunities through upskilling 
  • Increase awareness of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) career opportunities within National Highways and the construction industry 

A428 School Minecraft workshop

How we're leaving a legacy - Minecraft 

  • In 2021 we created a Minecraft video game which sees players jump in and explore the proposed A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet improvements scheme
  • We visited four schools local to the A428 scheme to show pupils in years 3-9 our Minecraft workshops. In the workshops the interactive game gave students the chance to build a new stretch of road and enhance the habitats for local ecology. We have more school workshops planned in 2022.
  • The A428 Minecraft package is aligned to the National Curriculum and available to all teachers and schools. We hope that the games and workshops will inspire the next generation of talented tech experts, engineers, scientists and mathematicians. If you have Minecraft Education Edition, you can access the games and lesson plans here.

Protecting our heritage

We understand the importance of local heritage given that the area has a vast amount of history. We’ll be working with partners to:

  • improve awareness of local heritage
  • increase preservation of historic and heritage assets

National Highways archaeology investigations in Field 44

How we're leaving a legacy – archaeology work in Field 44

  • Archaeological investigations are an important part in preparing to build a road. We are carrying out advanced works around our proposed route, some of this is happening on agricultural land nearby and may be visible from properties and roads. We need to excavate and record any archaeological features before we start construction. By doing this work now, we can carefully and sensitively excavate any finds, help keep the overall construction programme as short as possible and reduce disruption for the local community.
  • We have been working with archaeologists from the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) and the Cambridge Archaeological Unit at a site known as Field 44 near the village of Tempsford and the Black Cat roundabout. Here we have discovered lots of ancient artefacts.  These include a flint arrow dating back to the Neolithic (c. 4000-2200 BC) and Bronze Age (c. 2600-700 BC). Early excavations suggested that the site had a long and complex history.
  • You can join the journey and hear from the experts via a new online MOLA A428 Archaeology Portal. Packed with information about the site, its history, podcasts, images of the finds and behind-the-scenes videos. You can also keep up to date with our findings on our Twitter and Facebook pages.
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