Health, safety and wellbeing policy

In National Highways, we care deeply about improving safety for our customers, our people and those in our supply chain. We are passionate about the importance of mental as well as physical health in achieving our vision of getting everyone home safe and well.

Our aim 

Our long-term ambition is that no one should be harmed when travelling or working on the strategic road network.  

Our approach

We focus our efforts on the development of our Health, Safety and Wellbeing Management System and through our Home Safe and Well approach that includes: 

  • effective leadership 
  • capable people 
  • clear expectations 
  • engaged stakeholders 
  • a learning organisation 
  • health, safety and wellbeing by design 

Our personal commitments

We will continue to:

  • provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace
  • ensure people have the skills and equipment required to work safely
  • design, construct, operate and maintain the road network with the aim of reducing harm
  • take an active role on suicide prevention
  • continuously learn and apply ways to keep ourselves, colleagues and the public safe
  • plan work to ensure that it can be done safely
  • intervene if we feel a situation or behaviour might be unsafe
  • stop work if it cannot be done safely
  • manage our health and safety risks and assure that our controls are rigorously followed
  • instil a fair and just culture