Hidden Disabilities Sunflower for your vehicle

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower for your vehicle discreetly indicates that you may need additional support if you break down or need assistance on a motorway or major A-road in England.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower for your vehicle

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We want you to feel confident that you’ll have the help you need if you get into trouble on our roads. Displaying the Sunflower on your vehicle tells us that you have a non-visible disability, and that you may need help with:

  • understanding instructions and communicating your needs
  • staying calm at a time of stress
  • getting to a place of safety
  • moving and recovering an adapted vehicle
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Who can use the Sunflower?

Anyone with an impairment, hidden or visible, who may need additional support if they break down or need assistance on a motorway or major A-road can display the Sunflower on their vehicle.

How will the Sunflower help me?

The Sunflower will indicate to roadside and emergency services that you or someone in your vehicle has an impairment which may not be visible.

National Highways traffic officers are often first on scene in an emergency on motorways and major A-roads. If a traffic officer sees the Sunflower on your vehicle, they’ll ask you about what support you need to help keep you safe.

Traffic officers will always:

  • ask how they can help
  • listen closely to what you tell them
  • be kind and patient
  • not judge, and treat you with respect
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Where should the Sunflower be displayed?

Display the Sunflower on the rear of your vehicle where it can easily be seen, in a position where it won’t obscure your view.

The Sunflower sticker is designed to last at least three years. It can be removed by applying a 70% alcohol solution (such as hand sanitiser). If applied to vehicle bodywork it may cause discolouration.

The Sunflower magnet attaches to your vehicle bodywork and can be placed and removed before and after your journey if required.


Do I have to display the Sunflower on my vehicle?

No, it’s up to you if you want to display the Sunflower on your vehicle. The sticker will prompt traffic officers to ask you about your needs. You can also wear a Sunflower lanyard or badge, available from the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower store.

Will traffic officers tell anyone else about my Sunflower?

With your agreement, National Highways traffic officers will make sure that others on scene are also aware of any additional support you may need. This could include the emergency services and breakdown providers.

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