Making a difference for our customers

We'll be by our customers' side, keeping them moving by providing exceptional services.

The needs of our customers are central to everything we do. We’re listening to the people who rely on our roads, making sure that the feelings and experiences of those affected by our work shape the things we do.

Our customers are diverse. They include the people who use our roads – be it in a car, a goods vehicle, on a motorcycle or bicycle, on horseback or on foot – as well as those who live and work alongside them.

We’re investing in the six areas below to deliver lasting benefits and make a difference for our customers:  


Improving journey times

Journeys will take the time people expect them to

Our customers have told us that smooth and reliable journeys matter most to them. So, we’re improving the ways we manage roadworks, incidents and delays to enable safer, stress-free journeys and help drive the economy.

With demand on roads forecast to increase, our primary focus is to keep our network running safely and smoothly, and our customers informed and prepared.

Experts in incident management

Our on-road traffic officers are often first on the scene in an incident. Their priorities are to manage incidents and fully reopen the road as soon as possible so drivers can get on their way safely.

They stop traffic to clear obstructions and spills, help remove broken-down vehicles, and support the police and other emergency services by managing road closures when there’s a serious incident.

Teams in eight operations centres work hand-in-hand with traffic officers responding to emergency calls, setting signs and signals and deploying resources where needed.

Whether on the road or behind the scenes, our traffic officers are there to keep the traffic flowing and help make sure people make it home safely.

Around 1,200 on and off-road traffic officers monitor our network
traffic officer
1 National Traffic Operations Centre
7 Regional Operations Centres
33 Outstations
traffic officer talking to a customer
Our traffic officer fleet is 332 vehicles strong and travels on average 1.5 million miles every year
traffic officer in vehicle
Each traffic officer vehicle carries over 600kg of equipment, including lights and safety barriers
traffic officer talking to emergency services
Our traffic officers help injured customers with emergency aid if they’re first on scene
A bold new approach to roadworks
Traffic cones on a dual carriageway;
Revolutionising roads
Revolutionising roads;
Moving stranded vehicles
Moving stranded vehicles;

A better end-to-end experience

We care about our customers' journeys from start to finish

We recognise that our customers’ journeys don’t always start or end on our roads, so it’s vital that we connect seamlessly with other road and transport networks.

We work side-by-side with local authorities, service area operators, transport partners and local communities. Together we’re helping our customers travel smoothly across our network using varying modes of transport and linking to local networks.

This year we're supporting seamless journeys by:

Taking a break

We’ve partnered with AccessAble, a leading provider of venue accessibility information, to help motorists plan where to take a break at motorway services across England for better, safer journeys.

Detailed access guides for each motorway service area take the guesswork out of journey planning, giving our customers the information they need about facilities along their route. From parking to toilets, petrol stations, staff training and shops, the guides cover all aspects of accessibility so that our customers can plan where to take a break with confidence.

Go to the access guides

'Intelligent' diversion routes
'Intelligent' diversion routes;
A better network for all
A better network for all;
Pathways for Lower Thames Crossing
Pathways for Lower Thames Crossing;

Providing better information

Our customers will have the information they need

Through better communication with our customers, and providing clear and reliable information, we’re working on giving road users and communities better experiences.

This includes helping them feel safe, make informed decisions and be in control of their journeys.

We offer support to our customers 24 hours a day, every day of the year:

Customer help centre

You’ve asked and we’ve listened. The answers to our customers’ most frequently asked questions are now easier to find through our online help centre. Find an accessible service, claim compensation, report a maintenance issue and much more.

Visit our help centre

A well maintained and safe network

Our customers' journeys will be safer and smoother

Our primary role is to provide a well-maintained and safe network. We proactively maintain, operate and enhance our roads to reduce disruption and help our customers feel safe. Our assets range from bridges and footpaths to embankments and safety barriers.

We’re maintaining them in ever improving ways, using research and world-leading data, to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

Our maintenance work helps to:

"As the UK's largest scheduled coach operator, our millions of customers rely on us to get them to their destination safely and on time. National Highways' commitment to keeping their roads well-maintained, and making sure journey times are predictable and reliable, means we can deliver safe, fast, punctual connections, and provide a great passenger experience."
Ed Rickard, Service Delivery Director, National Express

Safer drivers

Whatever part of our network our customers are driving on, we want them to stay safe and know what to do if anything goes wrong. We use incident data to set priorities for our marketing campaigns. From biker safety and vehicle checks to breakdowns advice and summer getaways, our campaigns aim to save lives by helping people feel more in control of their journeys and improving driver behaviour.

Go to our latest safety campaign

Building better relationships

We'll keep the conversation going

Whether people travel on our roads, or live and work around them, we’re listening and responding to their needs.

By building better relationships with our customers and those affected by our work, we’re seeing our roads from their point of view and using their experiences to shape our plans. For example, this year we’ll be working with a panel of professional drivers to help drive positive change for the freight and logistics sectors.

Having a shared understanding of who we are and what we do means we can deliver better value for money and leave behind a positive legacy from our road projects.

Roads for all

It’s important that our roads and services are accessible for all our customers. Many of our disabled customers have specific needs to be met if they are to have an equal experience, and feel safe, using our roads. So, we’re making sure we plan for these needs at every stage of our work.

Our Roads for All Forum, established in 2018, brings together a wide range of organisations that represent or provide services to disabled road users. We work collaboratively with these organisations to ensure we’re equal and inclusive in the way we build, improve and operate our roads.

Watch the video to find out more about how we’re working together to deliver real improvements for disabled road users.

"We’re working with National Highways to provide the Deaf community the same opportunities as hearing people. That is a huge achievement, and National Highways is the first organisation to achieve this. Now there is more awareness about ensuring that Deaf people have the same access to safety messages as hearing people."
Robin Ash, Access and Inclusion Officer, British Deaf Association

Designated Funds

Our work goes beyond building and operating roads. Our Users and communities fund, introduced in 2020, is a ring-fenced fund dedicated to delivering lasting benefits for road users and communities across England. Our customers’ expectations are evolving, from the ways they use technology to how they travel, and this fund is helping us make some important changes to meet their needs.

Every customer has an opinion
Every customer has an opinion;
Unlocking young minds
Unlocking young minds;
Reaching our disabled customers
Reaching our disabled customers;

Empowering our people

We'll live our values

Everyone at National Highways and in our supply chain has a part to play in delivering great experiences for our customers.

We’re empowering our people to understand the difference they make and enabling them to make better decisions to support our customers and the communities affected by our work.

This year, we're:

"I promote teamwork by supporting colleagues across National Highways in developing our plans for reducing carbon emissions. From looking at how we can use the green areas of our network for renewable energy generation and carbon capture, to helping our customers switch to electric and other zero carbon vehicles, we’re working together to tackle climate change."
Ivan Le Fevre, Head of Environment, National Highways
My customer, my call
My customer, my call;
Being part of the pick
Being part of the pick;
Seeing things differently
Seeing things differently;

How our work is monitored

We work closely with Transport Focus – Britain’s independent watchdog for transport users – to make a real difference for road users. Together, we’ve developed the Strategic Roads User Survey (SRUS) so that we can measure our customers’ experiences more effectively.

SRUS provides us with a wealth of insight on how customers feel about using our roads – from journey time, safety and roadworks management to roadside information and surface quality. Around 8,000 road users are surveyed each year, helping us meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

SRUS is our key performance indicator for road user satisfaction, but our customer service ambition goes far beyond achieving our SRUS targets. We offer other ways for our customers to share their views with us, including events and exhibitions; our social media platforms; and community insight apps.

Visit our help centre to get in touch or find out more about what's happening near you.