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Through our podcasts, we'll explore the future of England’s motorways and major roads – how we can make them safer, greener, digitally transformed and more reliable.

Episode 4: Backstage at Highways UK

National Highways at Highways UK 2022

We went behind the scenes at Highways UK to capture the essence of the event in the fourth episode of our podcast series Connecting the country.

In this episode, you will hear from our senior leaders:

  • Nick Harris, CEO
  • Nicola Bell, Executive Director of Major Projects and Capital Portfolio Management
  • Malcolm Dare, Executive Director of Commercial and Procurement.

They talk about how we're delivering our road infrastructure strategy, our emphasis on safety and our plans to become Net Zero. You will also learn more about the event and its importance.

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Episode 3: Delivering for people

To celebrate Customer Service week, our latest podcast explores how social, market and behavioural sciences help us to improve customer experience in the highways sector.

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Episode 2: A bold new approach to roadworks

A panel lead by National Highways Head of Innovation Annette Pass discusses how innovation can help improve our customers' experience of roadworks. Topics include an exploration of the initiatives we'e driving forward and the key roles that innovation and customer insight play in our work.

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Episode 1:  Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow

In our first podcast, leading female innovators and inventors in road transport discuss how best to support women’s leadership.

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