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22 Jun 2022

Through our podcasts, we'll explore the future of England’s motorways and major roads – how we can make them safer, greener, digitally transformed and more reliable.

We can't create a sustainable future for everybody unless we champion equality and diversity across our organisation and our partners in the transport sector.

Connecting the country - National Highways podcasts

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Episode 1 - Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow

This year’s International Women in Engineering Day (23 June 2022) celebrates the inventors and innovators who are building a better future for us all.

We want to encourage more women in transport to step confidently into the role of leader. Their skills and experiences as women are both valuable and valued in our industry, and crucial for a sustainable future.

In our first podcast, leading female innovators and inventors in road transport discuss how best to support women’s leadership.


Melanie Clarke, National Highways

National Highways Customer Service Director, Operations. Founder and Chairwoman of National Highways’ Leading Women Network and CIHT Diversity Champion 2022.

Melanie Clarke


Anne Shaw

Executive Director, Transport for West Midlands.

Anne Shaw

Loretta Bortey

PHD student, Birmingham City University (built environment). Currently undertaking research for National Highways.

Loretta Bortey

Sue Percy, CBE

Chief Executive of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation.

Sue Percy, CBE

Xueying Wang

PHD student, Cambridge University (self-sensing smart roads). Currently undertaking research for National Highways.

Xueying Wang