Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB)

The DMRB has been launched in a new consistent format and with a new website interface.

31 March 2020 

The launch has:

  • brought the DMRB up to date
  • made it less ambiguous, more concise and easier to use
  • enabled a digital framework for standards content that will support innovation in digital design, construction and operation of highways infrastructure

The DMRB is still accessed from the Standards for Highways website, but when you click on the DMRB link you’ll see a new format for accessing the DMRB documents. The new-style website will enable you to easily find DMRB documents without needing to remember the old Volume, Section and Part numbers, which are no longer used. And, as well as providing the current DMRB documents, the website now provides the archive of withdrawn documents back to 2001.

Please check that you’re using the correct versions of documents, since a very large number of revisions were made at the end of March 2020. Many of the latest revisions were needed to bring the inter-connected referencing of DMRB documents up to date with the new document reference codes and titles. Please refer to the release notes for each document for information on the nature of the revisions. A list of the March 2020 updates can be found on the new DMRB website. The GG 000 Design Manual for Roads and Bridges index contains a list of current published documents.

As always, the requirements for implementation of DMRB documents can be found in GG 101 Introduction to the DMRB, and feedback on the DMRB documents should be sent to

Training materials

To assist users of the DMRB in understanding how the documents have changed, the following training materials have been made available. We will continue to add to these resources as new training material is developed, so please check here regularly for updates.

Introduction to the Digital DMRB – 30-minute recorded webinar

DMRB awareness webinars (discipline specific)

DMRB briefing notes (discipline specific)

Road layout - July 2020

Structures - June 2020

Pavements - February 2020

Control and Communications Technology – November 2021

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