Asset Data Management Manual (ADMM) and other management and maintenance guides

The Asset Data Management Manual (ADMM) gives the requirements for creating and managing data for us or on our behalf. This page also contains other management and maintenance guidance that we no longer update, but which applies to some of our contracts

Asset Data Management Manual (ADMM)

The ADMM contains the asset data requirements we need in order to:

  • maintain the asset data necessary for our safe and efficient operation
  • achieve our corporate and asset management objectives

Anyone creating, maintaining or using data for us or on our behalf should follow the ADMM. It is revised and published regularly to accommodate changes and expansion to our business needs.

ADMM, Version 13.0 (published October 2021)

Part 1 - Data principles and governance

Our approach to asset data management and associated governance

Part 2 - Requirements and additional information

Our requirements for asset data management, including detailed guidance and descriptions of each asset type (with visual examples).

Part 3 - Data Dictionary

The structure and rules for individual assets and attributes.

Part 4 - Asset Reference Catalogue

A tool to help identify and record specific assets.

Revision Log

A full listing of all changes made between versions enabling a much easier transition for users.

Change request submission form

Please send all change requests, feedback or queries to

Due to the approaching expiry of Asset Support Contracts, we've removed any requirements related to them from the ADMM. Access to these requirements is only permitted through earlier versions of the ADMM.

If you need to see earlier versions of the ADMM containing these requirements, please send us a request. We will expect you to explain the reasons why you need to see earlier versions.

Historic guidance - Routine and Winter Service Code (RWSC) and Network Management Manual (NMM)

RWSC and NMM are 'historic' documents. We are no longer producing new versions of them, but they still apply to Design, Build, Finance and Operate (DBFO) contractors working for us.

Please read the introduction of each document to understand its coverage.


RWSC, Version 5.10, Amend No. 3, July 2009 (replaces Version 5.10, Amend No.2, January 2007).

RWSC, summary of changes made.

NMM (issue 1, amend No. 8, dated July 2009)

Summary of changes

Sets out changes between current NMM and previous version (issue 1, amend No. 7, dated June 2008).

NMM Part 0 - Introduction

NMM Part 1 - Management of health and safety

NMM Part 2 - Asset management records

NMM Part 3 - Routine service

NMM Part 4 - Traffic management

NMM Part 5 - Winter service

NMM Part 6 - Network occupancy management

NMM Part 7a - Traffic incident management and contingency planning

NMM Part 7b - Traffic incident management and contingency planning (continued)

NMM Part 8 - Better information for road users

NMM Part 9 - Intentionally blank

NMM Part 10 - Programme planning and scheme development

NMM Part 11 - Administration

Technology Management and Maintenance Manual (TMMM)

We are no longer publishing the Technology Management and Maintenance Manual.

If you need to access the TMMM, Version 2.1, please email: