Commercial vehicles

Freight logistics businesses depend on our roads, and their ability to move goods safely and efficiently is vital to our country’s economy.

As part of our work to reduce the number of collisions involving goods vehicles, the resources here have been created to inform our customers about safety issues that relate to collisions on our network. They contain advice and guidance to keep our roads safe and efficient for everyone.

CVIP Programme handout

Ratchet strap leaflet

Blind spot safety card 1

Blind spot safety card 2

Diesel spillages: best practice guide

What is the impact and cost of a diesel spillage?

Operation Tramline leaflet

CVIP case studies

Bridge strikes safety card

Securing loads on flat bed vehicles safety card

Tailgating leaflet

Driving on England's motorways (English version)

Safer vehicles and safer people

Why you must wear a seatbelt

Leave your phone alone

Driving on England's motorways

Guides for non-GB goods vehicles drivers