Finding pioneering ways to take care of bridges


30 Nov 2023

Technology is rapidly influencing the transport sector. We know we need to keep innovating to improve experiences on the road, while getting people where they need to be, safely and reliably.

Finding pioneering ways to take care of bridges

Through our Designated Funds Innovation and Modernisation fund, we’re looking to revolutionise the way we take care of bridges and other structures by hunting out new and innovative ways that would spot potential defects sooner. One of the greatest threats to bridges and structures on our road network is the corrosion of steel elements which are often encased in concrete.

Research had been helping us in the ambitious journey towards self-monitoring and self-maintaining bridges with cutting-edge technology and modern methods being sought out for testing.

The research project, Structures Moonshot, being delivered for us by the Atkins Jacobs Joint Venture, has seen us join forces with a dynamic network of suppliers, technology providers, and academic institutions, conducting trials of state-of-the-art non-destructive testing technologies on sections of the Huntingdon Viaduct. From Acoustic Emissions to Muon Tomography, our exploration encompassed a diverse spectrum of cutting-edge technologies.

Check out our video for a look into the project's progress.

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