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Connect with us - products

Connecting with us

Our suppliers are critical to our success as a business and how we deliver safe and reliable journeys for our road users.

There are two ways to secure work with us:

  • Indirectly through a first-tier supplier working on behalf of National Highways as part of their extended supply chain
  • Directly through a contract with National Highways

We're also working hard to support government targets around increasing opportunities for SMEs and require our directly employed suppliers to contract at least 25% of their work to SMEs. 

Get further information regarding this and how you can work with us as a company here.

Procurement regulations encourages public sector bodies to tender (seek bids) from suppliers when they want to buy goods and services above a certain value. We use a number of frameworks including Crown Commercial Service (CCS) to ensure the process is open, fair and transparent.

Should your organisation wish to become a supplier then further details on how to become a CCS supplier can be found here.

Suppliers that have been successful in the procurement process and are working directly with us can be identified in a number of ways including the Contract Finder website.

Our competitions

Details of our current competitions, and some of the competitions we have held in the past