Historical Railways Estate - programme of work and assessment reports

We want to provide our customers with as much information as possible about our work on the Historical Railways Estate. As part of this we publish our forward programme of maintenance work and the assessment reports we use to prioritise our maintenance activity online.

Historical Railways Estate - programme of work and assessment reports

We have a major works programme for the Historical Railways Estate which includes schemes that have been identified for work in the next 5 years. It makes up a small proportion of our overall programme of maintenance to keep HRE structures safe. The majority of schemes listed in this programme have been paused to allow further review and consideration of the potential for repurposing structures or for their wider value for ecology or heritage. The list includes details of larger repair schemes we undertake as well any structures previously recommended for infill or demolition.

View our current works programme here.

In addition to the schemes listed in the programme, we carry out between 300 and 500 pieces of minor planned and reactive maintenance on the Historical Railways Estate each year. This work varies from structural repairs and vegetation removal, to repairing vehicle impact damage.

Infill and demolition proposals discussed at Stakeholder Advisory Forum (SAF) are awaiting ministerial feedback.

The SAF helps us by reviewing major work proposals for the Historical Railways Estate, ensuring future schemes take account of stakeholder feedback and opportunities to repurpose and reuse structures.

A full list of the structures we look after is also available.

Please get in touch if you'd like to know more about our work, the structures we look after, or any plans you're aware of for the future use of any of these structures: hreenquiries@nationalhighways.co.uk.

Assessment reports

Given the size of the Historical Railway Estate and the number of assessment reports, we'll publish them using a phased approach. We'll add to this archive on a regular basis, so more reports will be coming soon.