Litter resource

Lend a Paw campaign resources

Campaign objective

The campaign goal is to reduce the amount of roadside litter by influencing customer behaviour to refrain from dropping litter and increase awareness of the impact of litter on the strategic road network.

Campaign key message

Litter kills an estimated 3 million animals every year.*

Discarded roadside rubbish and food attract wildlife to their death. Use a bin, or wait until you get home.

Lend a paw. Bin your litter.

*Estimate based on Keep Britain Tidy, Journal of Litter and Environmental Quality.


You can link to the campaign page

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Campaign audience

The campaign is set to reach all drivers, but the key focus is on:

  • families (traveling with children and snacks in the car, with the opportunity to teach values/habits) - 8.1m people (1.3m claimed litterers)
  • young drivers (who are inexperienced/overconfident but like to follow social norms) - 6.4m people (1m claimed litterers)
  • commercial drivers (driving long journeys and treating lorries as their home/office) - 803k people 406k claimed litterers)

Campaign duration

The campaign will run from 12 February to 10 March 2024.

Partner support

Your support is invaluable as you can communicate the campaign messages at the most relevant time and place, reaching our key audience.

We would be delighted for you to help spread the word and support this campaign through your channels. To promote the campaign, you could:

  • use a range of digital and social resources on your social media channels, websites, or any other digital channels, for example, digital screens (if you require any bespoke formats that are not included in this toolkit, please request it on
  • use your internal communication channels such as email, intranet, and newsletters to communicate campaign messages to your colleagues, customers or members
  • reshare the campaign’s social posts from National Highways’ Facebook, X, Instagram, and LinkedIn on your social channels using #BinYourLitter
  • have a conversation with your audience, letting them know about the importance of disposing of their rubbish responsively, and direct them to the campaign page for more information
  • you can download a copy of the Litter toolkit here