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Future thinking

We want to ensure that the voices of our road users and communities around the Strategic Road Network are heard.

We can achieve this by sharing insights, market trends, research and thought leadership. By bringing together insights from across our partnership ecosystem, we can enrich our collective understanding of how we can make our roads future fit for all.

Market trends

Unlock access to proprietary research on market trends and mobility ecosystem needs.

Behavioural insights

Bring the voice of all road ​users to the surface to drive human-centred and future-focused solutions.

Thought leadership

Stimulate action and drive collaboration to positively disrupt the mobility market.

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Navigating neurodiversity

Clearing the way to an inclusive and digital road network

How does an autistic driver feel when facing an unexpected road closure? How does a dyslexic driver plan their journey?

Read our latest research report which outlines how neurodiverse drivers, particularly those with autism or dyslexia, experience driving on the Strategic Road Network.


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