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Our commitment is to improve the journeys of our customers and impact on our communities. We're opening up our data and expertise as a platform for innovation across the mobility ecosystem.

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Digital Lab is delivering services to partners via five labs.

The purpose of the labs is to share valuable National Highways data, provide insights, create experiences, build connections, stimulate innovation and encourage collaboration across the mobility ecosystem.

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Our data is a powerful asset.

To ensure our data is driving improvements for all who use our Strategic Road Network, we want to ensure that it's publicly available, readily accessible and easily consumable. This is why we're committed to opening up our data to all partners across the mobility ecosystem.


Wayfinder applications will have improved data feeds to provide safer, more sustainable, accessible and efficient journeys for their customers.

Wayfinders will be able to combine planned and real-time road data on changes across the SRN i.e. closures or speed restrictions to allow for informed decision making for road users.

Local authorities

Government and local authorities will have better visibility of events on the Strategic Road Network, including where these impact local authority roads. The use of this data will help improve the management of congestion due to closures and diversions, for both road users and the communities who live and work around our roads.

Location technology providers

Our data can help location technology providers to improve the geospatial accuracy of their data, for both software and mapping applications. This will improve the accuracy of information provided to customers and therefore their journey planning experience.


Access to accurate and real-time geospatial data can enhance telecommunications organisations’ digital infrastructure and roadside traffic management tools, such as signs and signals. This improves the accuracy of information being provided to customers on our Strategic Road Network.

Car manufacturers

Car manufacturers can use our data to ensure that real-time updates on signage, speed restrictions, hazard warnings and road closures are fed directly into in-vehicle navigation systems. This data will improve the accuracy, timeliness and relevance of information available to drivers.

Freight, fleet and logistics

Our data on road limits and features, road closures and diversion routes helps freight, fleet and logistics organisations ensure that their drivers are on an appropriate route for their vehicle type. This improves journey efficiency, passenger safety and driver trust in route selection.

In addition to these sectors, we know that our data is valuable for different partners across the mobility sector and beyond. We're working with charities, academics, research organisations, emergency services, innovation accelerators and more.

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