M62 Junctions 25 to 30 Dynamic Hard Shoulder enhancements

We are upgrading dynamic hard shoulder motorways – starting with the central reservation barriers

Start date April 2022
End date Autumn 2023
Cost TBC

Latest updates

  • 26 October 2023

    Main work completed - Autumn 2023

    Our main work on the M62 junctions 25 to 30 is complete although we were able to remove the traffic management earlier, in September, reducing the impact on drivers. 

    We have some outstanding work which includes signage updates and painting; to complete this we will work overnight when the motorway is less busy, using lane closures. There will be minimal disruption for customers; this work is weather dependant and will be scheduled in shortly. 

    We would like to thank drivers for their patience while we delivered this programme of essential safety enhancements, on the M62. 

  • 19 July 2023

    Rescheduled weekend overnight closures - now set for 5 and 6 August

    We have rescheduled two overnight closures for safety improvements after heavy rain last weekend led to cancellation.

    These closures are so we can complete work to upgrade lighting and install new, upgraded CCTV cameras.

    We will be closing the motorway in both directions between junctions 27 (Gildersome) and 28 (Tingley), overnight (9pm to 6am) on both 5 and 6 August.

    Fully-signed diversions will be in place, agreed with the local authority. There will also be extra signs for wide loads with instructions on where to park and get assistance to proceed.

    A separate scheme of work to upgrade barriers on the central reservation between junctions 28 and 29 of the M62 is due to continue until August, with a further upgrade between junction 42 of the M1 near Lofthouse and junction 6 of the M621 in Leeds expected to complete in winter.

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  • 03 July 2023

    Overnight closures - CCTV

    Our work delivering Dynamic Hard Shoulder enhancements between junctions 25 and 30 of the M62 is coming to an end.  

    We're carrying out work on the CCTV between junctions 25 and 30 overnight during the weekend of :- 

    • 15 July 9pm - 6am 
    • 16 July 9pm - 6am 

    We will then return to complete verge work such as grass seeding, under lane closures. 

    Work to complete the installation of new barriers on the central reservation between junctions 28 and 30, M62 continues. You can find more information about this work here

  • 08 December 2022

    Phase 2

    From next week (commencing Monday 12 December), we are installing a new emergency area on the eastbound carriageway. This will improve overall safety on the network. This work is due to be completed by early summer 2023.

    On the westbound carriageway, between junctions 26 (Chain Bar) and 28, we are also carrying out drainage upgrades on the verges. This section of work is expected to be completed by the end of January 2023.

    To enable engineers to carry out this work safely, temporary speed limits are being put in place on the motorway between junctions 26 and 28. A 60mph limit will be in place while the emergency area is being installed on the eastbound carriageway, with a 50mph limit on the westbound carriageway where the drainage improvements are taking place.

    This is the latest step in the series of upgrade schemes have been taking place on the motorways including the M62 across West Yorkshire in 2022.  

  • 24 November 2022

    November update

    The traffic management has now been taken off on the central reservation following the completion of phase 1 of the project. 

    We will shortly be moving to a new phase of the project. This means that we will be adding traffic management to the route again. This work will move further east between junction 28 (Tingley) and 29 (Lofthouse),and is due to finish in Autumn 2023. 

    The date for this work to start has not yet been confirmed. As soon as we have finalised plans, we will let you know. 

    We are also finalising plans for other essential upgrade work between junctions 27 (Gildersome) and 26 (Chain Bar). This will include a new emergency area, drainage upgrades and new CCTV.

    To minimise disruption to road users, we have taken the decision to remove the traffic management for the weeks leading up to phase 2 of the project. 

    Some elements of the M62 work are part of a series of enhancements that we're making across the country on more than 60 miles of Dynamic Hard Shoulder (DHS) motorways, where the hard shoulder is used by traffic in busy periods. 


  • 01 November 2022

    Phase 2

    We will be moving to a new phase of this project.

    In December, this work will move further east between junction 28 (Tingley) and 29 (Lofthouse),and is due to finish in September 2023. Some traffic management will remain in place at junction 27 for additional bridge repairs.

    We are also finalising plans for other essential upgrade work between junctions 27 (Gildersome) and 26 (Chain Bar). This will include a new emergency area, drainage upgrades and new CCTV.

    We're also taking the opportunity to remind drivers of the progress made so far – and provide an update about the works about to start. This includes:

    • Work ongoing to repair a bridge at junction 27 of the M62 (Gildersome). This is due to be completed by the beginning of November, with traffic management completely removed from the central reserve in both directions by the middle of the month.
    • Work starting in December on changing a 2.8-mile section of steel reservation barrier to concrete and installing energy efficient LED lights on the M62 between junction 28 (Tingley) and 29 (Lofthouse).
    • Essential waterproofing work is set to begin on two bridges that carry the M62 over Tingley Interchange at Junction 28. This work protects the bridge joints and structure from rainwater damage, reducing the need for emergency repairs in the future.  To carry this out safely, the eastbound bridge section of the M62 at Junction 28 will be closed from 8pm on Friday 28 October until 5am on Monday 31 October.  
    • Plans are being finalised for other essential upgrade work and maintenance schemes on the M62 between junctions 27 (Gildersome) and 26 (Chain Bar). This will include drainage upgrades and renewed CCTV in the verges of the westbound carriageway. This will be higher specification CCTV, repositioned to provide even better coverage. There will also be a new emergency area on the eastbound carriageway, along with drainage improvements and new CCTV. The date of this work will be confirmed shortly. Further phases of this particular piece of work are expected to begin in January 2023, with the upgrade due to be complete in summer 2023.
    • In addition to these works on the M62, work also started in September to replace more than two miles of steel central barrier with concrete on the M1 between junction 42 (Lofthouse) and 43 (Belle Isle), and on the M621 near junction 7 (Stourton).

    Some elements of the M62 work are part of a series of enhancements that we're making across the country on more than 60 miles of Dynamic Hard Shoulder (DHS) motorways, where the hard shoulder is used by traffic in busy periods. 


  • 29 September 2022

    Progress update

    We are now moving into the final stages of our safety upgrade.

    We have installed a new concrete safety barrier to replace the steel one which was approaching the end of its design life. The new barriers have a much longer design life and are less likely to need repair after an impact . These factors contribute to reducing costs, improving traffic flow and limit the need for maintenance lane closures - greatly improving overall safety.

    Whilst doing this work we have also installed modern efficient LED street lights. These lights need to be replaced less often and use less electricity.

    We will be updating again on the progress of our works mid-October.

  • 29 April 2022

    Update - April 2022

    We are in the early stages of the road works, and the traffic management is still being established. 

    A 50mph speed limit will be in place to protect the travelling public and the workforce while this is being implemented. If an incident occurs the speed limit can be reduced to 40mph for safety reasons. Average speed cameras will be in use.

    In periods when we are not working, such as over the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend, the speed limit will be increased to 60mph.

  • 07 March 2022

    Work starts to upgrade barriers

    Work to upgrade safety barriers along busy sections of motorway will get underway in April 2022.

    The M62 around junction 27 at Gildersome will have its steel central reservation barrier upgraded to concrete.

    The work is part of a series of safety enhancements we are bringing to dynamic hard shoulder motorways across the country.

  • Christmas Gifts 2022

    In the run-up to the festive period, teams from National Highways and costain on this scheme have been donating and collecting food, toys and personal care items for families in need this festive period.
    200 presents were collected for children who would otherwise be without on Christmas morning.

Project information


The barrier upgrade has been developed as part of our work to upgrade Dynamic Hard Shoulder motorways to the latest safety standard.

On 15 April 2023 the Government announced that plans for new smart motorways would be cancelled in recognition of the lack of public confidence felt by drivers and cost pressures. This follows an announcement in January 2022 to pause new smart motorways.

Plans to convert these sections of motorway to the latest All Lane Running standard have been cancelled. In the Government's response to the 2021 Transport Select Committee report into smart motorways it committed to consider alternative ways in which to operate dynamic hard shoulder motorways.

The Government and National Highways continue to invest £900 million in further safety improvements on existing smart motorways, and to give motorists clear advice when using existing smart motorways.

We are installing further safety measures for DHS motorways in operation, including upgrading the central reservation barrier.

Work will get underway this month in Yorkshire on a 1.7-mile section of the M62 between junctions 26 at Chain Bar and 28 at Tingley. Construction starts on 19 April and is expected to be complete in the Autumn

Three lanes will remain open to traffic, with lane 4 closed and lane 3 slightly narrowed. There will be a reduced 50mph speed limit while work is being carried out. Occasional overnight closures will be needed, which will have fully signed diversion routes in place

We will do all we can to keep disruption to a minimum, but we expect that delays could be severe at peak times, so we are encouraging drivers to plan their journeys to avoid peak times if possible.

Concrete barriers are even stronger than metal ones and significantly reduce the risk of vehicles crossing over from one carriageway to another, improving safety and reducing the duration of incident-related congestion.

They are also virtually maintenance free and will last twice as long as normal metal barriers, with far less need for closures for routine repairs.


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