New milestone for Winchester junction improvements project


22 Dec 2022

Planning Inspectorate review of M3 junction 9 proposals is now under way

New milestone for Winchester junction improvements project

Plans to make significant improvements at junction 9 on the M3 are now with the Planning Inspectorate – the body that gives permission for large scale infrastructure projects to proceed. 

The Inspectorate will now spend the next eighteen months reviewing the information submitted to them and will make a recommendation to the Secretary of State on whether the scheme should go ahead.  

The application to make changes to the junction, including building free-flowing links between the M3 and the A34 both northbound and southbound was submitted on 21 November 2022.  

National Highways senior project manager, Tom Beasley said: 

“Our scheme will reduce congestion and improve safety at this busy interchange that sees thousands of vehicles pass through every hour travelling between Hampshire, London, the Midlands and further north.” 

“To learn more about the proposals, not only can you read about the scheme on the National Highways website but there’s also more in-depth details about the proposals on the Planning Inspectorate’s website.” 

Find out more about the process of developing a new road and the role of the Planning Inspectorate by watching this video.