To help us do this, we've allocated £347 million of our funding to the development of potential future projects over the next few years. 


This includes 32 schemes, identified by working closely with the Department for Transport (DfT), to be developed as part of a pipeline of schemes that may be built in the third road investment period, which runs from 2025 to 2030.


These schemes have been identified through our programme of strategic studies, route strategies, specific areas of research and work with stakeholders.


Between now and 2023, we'll develop options for all pipeline schemes by engaging with our stakeholders and carrying out more research. At each stage during this early development work, we'll review whether the schemes are suitable for further development to ensure value for money.


This information will help DfT decide which of these schemes may be selected for delivery as part of RIS3 or future Road Investment Strategies.


All the schemes in the RIS3 Pipeline programme remain uncommitted, with no guarantee they will be taken forward into construction. We won't know which schemes are committed until the RIS3 is published in 2024.


By following this process, we’ll build a balanced portfolio of schemes to deliver benefits across all regions in England. 

Projects in their early stages

There are a number of pipeline projects where we have started work on identifying options. These are shown below.

Pipeline projects where we're still developing our understanding of the key problems and need for improvements aren't listed on this page yet. They'll be added as soon as our formal options development work starts.

A list of all the projects that are part of the RIS3 Pipeline can be found in our Delivery Plan (page 94).

East projects

A11 Fiveways junction

Upgrading the A11 Fiveways junction, a roundabout where the A11 meets the A1065 and the A1101 near Barton Mills in Suffolk.

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A5 Hinckley to Tamworth

Improving the A5 between M69 junction 1 and M42 junction 10 to enable future growth.

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A2 Brenley Corner

Upgrading the A2 Brenley Corner junction near Faversham in Kent.

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A2 Dover access

Upgrading sections of the A2 to improve traffic flow and resilience between Lydden Hill and Dover in Kent.

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A3/A247 Ripley South

Upgrading the junction between the A3 and A247 near Ripley in Surrey.

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A27 Chichester

Upgrading the A27 Chichester bypass in West Sussex, which provides access to the city from the south for local traffic as well a bypass for long distance traffic.

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A27 Lewes to Polegate

Upgrading the A27 between Lewes and Polegate in East Sussex.

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M27 Southampton access

Upgrading the M27 junction 3, near Southampton in Hampshire.

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A38 Trerulefoot to Carkeel safety package

Developing safety improvements along the A38 between Carkeel and Trerulefoot in Cornwall.

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Leave a comment on the project’s feedback tool. You can click on a location on the interactive map to make a specific comment, or give us your general feedback.

Severn resilience package

Developing a package of possible improvements to sections of the M4, M5 and M32 motorways on the eastern side of the Severn Crossings near Bristol to tackle current and future congestion levels following the 2018 removal of the tolls to cross the Severn bridges.

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More advanced projects

Some projects are more advanced than others, for example:

  • where we're holding consultations and are asking you for you for feedback
  • where our option development involves work, such as ground investigation surveys, that we need to tell you about in more detail

These have their own road project pages and are shown below.

Road projects

Traffic information

Information about scheduled roadworks and events on our motorways and major roads.