M6 Lune Gorge structures

We’re looking at ways to carry out essential maintenance on eight bridges spanning the M6 in Cumbria.

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  • 19 September 2023

    Survey work

    You may have noticed we’ve been out and about on the M6 as part of our ecological investigation work.

    Ecology surveys are important anywhere there’s a risk that our work could impact the habitat of protected species. What we learn from the surveys will help us to leave the region’s natural environment in a measurably better state.

    We’re engaging with statutory bodies to ensure all surveys meet their requirements. We’ll also be consulting with non-statutory bodies and local interest groups to gather more information about ecological activity in the surrounding area.

    We’re also carrying out ground investigation work and topographical surveys, helping us to map the surrounding area using 3D coordinates.

    What’s coming up?

    From mid-September until Friday 6 October, we’ll be assessing the condition of the motorway by drilling into it at select test locations. For the safety of road users and survey crews, this work will take place under single lane closures.

    In addition, we’ll need to close M6 junction 38 overnight, from 8pm to 5am, on the following dates:

    Friday 22 September 2023 - northbound exit and entry slips

    Road users on the M6 wishing to exit the motorway at junction 38 should follow signed diversions north to M6 junction 39 and return on the southbound carriageway to junction 38.

    Non-motorway traffic requiring access to the motorway at junction 38 (travelling from the direction of Tebay) should follow signed diversions south to M6 junction 37 and return.

    Tuesday 3 October 2023 - southbound exit and entry slips

    Drivers on the M6 looking to exit at junction 38 should follow the signed diversion route south to M6 junction 37 and return on the northbound carriageway.

    Non-motorway traffic requiring access to the M6 motorway (travelling from the direction of Tebay) should follow signed diversion routes north to junction 39 before turning to join the southbound carriageway.

    Scheduled survey work is subject to change due to poor weather conditions and closures may be removed before 5am if work is completed early.

Project information


We are currently exploring ways to carry out essential maintenance on eight concrete bridges spanning the M6 in Cumbria.

The M6 through Lune Gorge is regularly voted the most beautiful stretch of motorway in the country and recently celebrated its 50th birthday in 2020. It is a gateway to some of England's most treasured landmarks and tourism destinations.

The bridge renewal scheme through Lune Gorge is all within a six-mile stretch of the motorway between junctions 37 and 38. Seven of the bridges support the M6 itself, whilst the other carries the A685 over it.

The concrete bridges are rapidly nearing the end of their serviceable life. They need to be renewed soon to remove the risk of unplanned closures of lanes on the M6 due to deterioration and to ensure the M6 continues to connect the region and help it to thrive for decades to come.

We know millions of people rely on the M6 for business, leisure and visiting friends and family. This is why we’re looking to find the least disruptive way to replace the eight bridges.

We are currently looking at design options for the scheme. We'll update you on our proposals over the coming months.

We'd need to take disruptive temporary measures to keep the existing structures in service. Renewing eight structures as a single project reduces the risk of this disruption.

We'll design and build the replacement bridges to the latest construction standards. We'll be able to maintain them more efficiently in future.


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