Future roads

In future, roads will still be the most common means of travel for both commercial and personal purposes. Our Strategic Road Network (SRN) plays a crucial part in this future.  From customer service to climate change, demands upon us are growing and we are changing to meet them.

Journeys don't just start or end on our roads. It's vital that we connect seamlessly with other transport networks, particularly around urban areas and at ports and airports.

We must decarbonise and promote biodiversity, while sustaining the economy at the same time.

These challenges offer us huge opportunities to innovate through environmental stewardship, championing new technologies and deepening our relationship with our customers.

As fossil fuel use declines, we'll assist the switch to sustainably powered transport. We'll promote the use of connected and self-driving (autonomous) vehicles, paving the way to safer, stress-free journeys. Our long-term focus will shift from road building towards making the most efficient use of our network.

As Roads Period 3 (2025-2030) approaches, we will continue our journey – serving our customers, the economy and the environment. We'll also consider the longer term needs of the network and the people who use, live or work alongside it.

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