WebTRIS service interruption

The WebTRIS service is currently expected to be interrupted in early 2025 to enable changes to its underlying infrastructure.

We previously advised that the Webtris service would likely be interrupted in early 2024 to enable changes to be made to its underlying infrastructure. This work has now been rescheduled and we expect the interruption to occur in early 2025. The service will continue and data will be accessible until this time. When the interruption does occur we expect it to last for around three to six months.  And when the updates are complete we plan to upload data collected in the interim to ensure continuous data coverage.

WebTRIS is our web-based traffic information service. We provide this service to enable our customers to access historic traffic data derived from sensors on our strategic road network (SRN). It's a graphical user interface that maps the location of our automatic traffic counters or sensors along the SRN. The database contains up to 10 years' worth of flow information and is updated monthly.

To stay updated, please complete the WebTRIS service update form.