Tyre checks

Before you set out, remember to check your tyre pressure.

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We want you to get to your destination safely, without delays at the roadside.

Give your vehicle the TLC it deserves before you head off on your adventures.

Follow our simple vehicle checks below for a safe and happy journey.

Tyres under pressure.
Check them before you set off

One in five motorway breakdowns are caused by tyre problems.

Driving with under-inflated tyres (even as little as 10%):

  • makes your braking distance longer
  • can make your vehicle harder to steer
  • uses more fuel
  • shortens the lifespan of your tyres

Your dashboard display may only alert you when your tyres are dangerously under-inflated so don’t rely on it.

informationDid you know? You may need higher air pressure in your tyres if you’re carrying lots of passengers and luggage.

Watch how to check your tyre pressure

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The bald truth.
Check your tyre treads

By law, tyre treads must not be below 1.6mm. If you’re stopped by the police you could face a £2,500 fine and three penalty points per tyre.

Low tyre treads can:

  • reduce your control of your vehicle - especially in wet weather
  • make your braking distance longer
  • increase the chances of a sudden blowout

informationDid you know? A 20p piece is all you
need to check your tyres.

Watch how to check your tyre tread

Other safety vehicle checks

Don't let vehicle trouble spoil your adventure. Carry out these simple checks before you set off.

in the

Driving with faulty or broken lights puts you and other drivers at risk. It can also cause your vehicle to fail its MOT.

informationTop tip: Ask a friend to help you check your lights, or park your car near a reflective surface like a window or garage.

Watch how to check your lights

Don't be a
check your oil

To avoid your engine from seizing up and breaking down, check your oil level.

informationDid you know? The oil lubricates, cleans, cools and protects the moving parts of your engine.

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Top up the screen wash,
not just your tan

Squashed bugs and grit and grime from the road can cause major visibility issues through your windscreen. Make sure your screenwash is topped up to avoid getting caught out when you travel.

informationTop tip: After you’ve topped up your screenwash, why not take a moment to check your wiper blades to ensure they are not dirty, worn or damaged?

Watch how to check screenwash

Take a break

It’s not just your car that needs fuel. Planning a break in your journey has never been easier.

Once you’re on the road, it’s important to take regular breaks for a better, safer journey.

Our access guides for motorway services take the guesswork out of planning your journey, giving you the information you need about facilities along your route. From parking to toilets, petrol stations, shops and restaurants, the guides cover all aspects of accessibility so that you can plan where to take a break with confidence.

man taking a break and using old tyre as a tray to carrry loads of food

Almost ready to set off? checking tyre first

Almost ready to set off?

Don't let car trouble ruin the start of your break. Check your vehicle before you leave.

Get guidance on keeping your vehicle in tip top condition here.