Project profile: Stump Cross Bridge

Plans are underway to repurpose this bridge for the creation of a new active travel route in partnership with cycling and walking charity Greenways and Cycleroutes.

Project profile: Stump Cross Bridge

Location: Ridge Road, Shepton Mallet

Project managed by: National Highways and Greenways and Cycleroutes

Status: In development


Stump Cross Bridge carries Ridge Road in Shepton Mallet over the disused Cheddar Valley railway line, which closed in 1963. It had fallen into disrepair, with each of its three arches partially filled by parties unknown.

Since we took over management of the estate, we’ve cleared up the site which had become a hot spot for dumping rubbish. We have also undertaken works to the bridge to ensure safe load carrying, as well as installing a bat “hotel” in one of the bridge’s spans. 

What is the project?

Greenways and Cycleroutes have identified potential for an active travel route under the bridge to join up to the Strawberry Line, a picturesque ten-mile walk between Yatton and Cheddar.

What stage is it at?

We’re working closely with Greenways & Cycleroutes, Natural England and the Local Planning Authority to ensure that these future plans can be delivered safely, with no disruption to the environment.  

"We are really excited about Greenways and Cycleroutes aspirations for this site and are working closely with them to support their plans for another one of our structures to connect with the popular Strawberry Line. We know that there is strong community support for repurposing Stump Cross Bridge, and we’ve taken this on board as part of our plans. As ever there are challenges to overcome but by working together, we can maximise our chances of success."
Hélène Rossiter - Head of the Historical Railways Estate at National Highways