Project profile: Luffness Mains and Fenton Steel bridges

Initially intended for infill, we're bringing a new lease of life to two cast iron bridges in Scotland.

Project profile: Luffness Mains and Fenton Steel bridges

Location: North Berwick, Scotland

Contractor: Balfour Beatty

Status: Work commenced


The segment of the Gullane to Longniddry railway line, opened in 1898 and located east of Edinburgh, failed to achieve financial success. It was ultimately shut down in 1964 because of the Beeching cuts.

About the structures

Known locally as Luffness Mains Bridge and Fenton Public Bridge, both structures, built around 1893, feature single-span half-through girder designs. These overbridges are built on a slight skew with masonry abutments.

Initially intended as an infill project, the plan shifted to steel repairs after a comprehensive assessment of available options.

Lufness Mains Bridge

(Lufness Mains Bridge)

What is the project?

The works will involve grit-blasting and repainting all metallic elements. Severely corroded steel will be cut out and replaced, while perforated metallic elements are to be over-plated with new steel. The entire steel structure will be painted to blend seamlessly with the existing appearance. Damaged stonework will be carefully dressed and repaired, addressing spalling. Mortar loss, fractures and open joints are to be raked out and re-mortared. Before beginning the engineering works, overhanging trees and vegetation from the embankments will be removed and thorough high-level inspections will take place.

What stage is it at?

The work will start in February 2024 and is expected to take around two months.