Nature in focus

Nature in focus

Giving nature the opportunity to thrive

Learn more about how we're trying to limit our effects on nature and improve conditions for plants and animals.

Our soft estate

Did you know that we're one of the country's largest landowners?

The land we manage includes 30,000 hectares of green land, our 'soft estate'.

We're commited to using this land to:

  • reconnect habitats
  • reverse the decline in biodiversity
  • help wildlife thrive
  • increase environmental resilience to a changing climate

Planning for the future

Over the next three decades, we plan to deliver a sustainable road network that protects and enhances the environment:

  • mitigating the impact of England’s busiest roads
  • ensure that our land can be a force for good for generations to come

Our recently published Environmental Sustainability Strategy sets out our vision of a connected country and a thriving environment.

Great Crested Newt
Great Crested Newt, A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon.
Old A3 at Hindhead
Old A3 road at Hindhead - returned to nature