A13 North Stifford junction improvement

Improving the A1012 North Stifford junction to reduce queuing traffic, improve operation and road user safety.

Start date 6 September 2021
End date December 2021
Cost TBC

Latest updates

  • 09 November 2021

    Surfacing work to begin this month

    In July 2021, temporary safety barriers were installed on the eastbound and westbound exit slip roads, enabling us to carry out much of the work without needing to close the roads. We’re now approaching the stage of the project at which the newly widened sections of carriageway are ready to be resurfaced.

    To resurface both exit slip roads, we will first need to remove the temporary safety barriers.

    The barrier on the eastbound exit slip road will be removed and the road then resurfaced, using overnight closures from Monday 8 November to Thursday 18 November. The slip road will be closed overnight between 11pm and 5am (while traffic volumes are at their lowest). A clearly signed diversion will be in place via the A13 eastbound to the Orsett Cock roundabout and return.

    Once the eastbound exit slip road has been resurfaced, we will move over to the westbound exit slip road. We expect to remove the barrier on the westbound exit slip road and then resurface it from Thursday 18 November to Wednesday 1 December. This work will again take place overnight between 11pm and 5am, whilst closing the westbound slip road. A clearly signed diversion will be in place via the A13 westbound to M25 junction 30 and return.

Project information


The A13 is a major road which provides vital transport links between Central London and south Essex. The A1012 North Stifford junction provides an important link to Stifford and the town of Grays, the largest town in the borough and unitary authority of Thurrock, Essex.

The junction, which links directly with Grays, has been highlighted as one of the locations marked for improvements as part of our Junction Improvement Programme; a package of works aimed to better the operation and performance of eight individual junctions around the M25 and its linking roads. Most of the funds for the programme are coming from the Department for Transport congestion relief fund.

Currently the layout of the North Stifford junction has a poor angle to the carriageway, meaning road users approaching the roundabout from either slip road find it difficult to check for oncoming traffic. The single-lane eastbound and westbound exit slip roads are also wide but lack any lane markings, which can be confusing for drivers.

Construction work is due to start from Monday 6 September 2021 and will take approximately four months to complete; finishing just ahead of Christmas and the New Year.

Our teams started preparation work in summer 2021. By carrying out these activities in advance, such as diverting existing utility services and clearing vegetation ahead of construction, we minimise the risk of any delays to the main works and increase efficiency.

The temporary safety barriers along the slip roads will remain in place throughout the scheme, as they will allow most of our work to be completed safely, while enabling the junction to be kept open at the same time. Occasional overnight closures of the exit slip roads will be required, but they will be staggered to minimise the impact on the travelling public.

We will need to remove a small area of vegetation to enable the widening of the slip roads; however, this will be minimal and confined to the area alongside the slip roads. Any vegetation that needs to be removed to facilitate the widening work will be offset by a project to replant an equivalent amount of vegetation nearby. This will follow the completion of the construction works around the junction.

To create safer and more reliable journeys around the junction, we will be:

  • Widening the current single-lane eastbound and westbound exit slip roads to create an additional lane, to increase capacity and improve journey times
  • Installing new street lighting, road markings and signs to reflect the new road layout
  • Working with Thurrock Council, who will be installing new traffic lights to improve safety at the junction


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