A630 Parkway upgrade (M1 junction 33)

Additional lane between the Catcliffe junction and the M1 and widening M1 junction 33.

Start date February 2021
End date Autumn 2022
Cost £46 million

Latest updates

  • 05 March 2021

    Work to improve A630 Parkway and M1 junction 33

    To create the extra lane in each direction on a 1.3mile stretch of A630 the wide central reservation will be replaced with a narrow concrete barrier, the lanes will be made slightly narrower, and the carriageway will be widened a little at the edge.

    The additional lanes will be contained within the road’s current footprint, and retaining walls will be built to keep the embankments within the highway boundary.

    At junction 33 of the M1, parts of the roundabout will be widened, and new lights will be installed to improve the traffic flow. The northbound and southbound slip roads off the motorway will be widened to create an extra lane.

    As well as these changes to the road itself, the speed limit on the A630 will be permanently reduced to 50mph to improve air quality.

    Once work is complete the landscaping along the road be reinstated, including new trees and hedgerows.

    The project is expected to take 18 months and will be carried out in phases.

    Get further details about these phases and scheme updates on Rotherham Borough Council website.

Project information


Rotherham Borough Council will be creating three lanes in each direction on the A630 from the Catcliffe junction to the M1. The slip roads off the M1 at junction 33 will also be widened. 

As part of the improvements which have been funded by the government’s Local Growth Fund, new street lighting and signs, drainage and resurfacing will be completed.

By adding an extra lane, congestion and journey times will both be reduced. The improvements will also improve connectivity across the region, increase safety and support the economy.


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