A1(M) junction 35 to 37 concrete barrier

We’re carrying out essential upgrade work to the safety barriers on the A1(M) between Wadworth and Marr and to the drainage, improving safety for drivers.

Start date 27 April 2020
End date February 2021
Cost £6.5m

Latest updates

  • 01 February 2021

    Narrow lanes to be lifted

    Work is nearing completion between Wadworth and Marr to upgrade 4,600 metres of new concrete safety barrier and install 1,500 metres of new central reservation drainage, improving safety for drivers.

    We have also renewed 370 metres of steel barrier on the nearside verge which provides protection for the supports on the four overbridges between A1(M) junctions 35 to 37.

    Work to remove the narrow lanes from the A1(M) is due to begin on Monday 1 February, starting northbound then southbound. This should be complete by mid-February.

    Once the narrow lanes have been removed the northbound entry slip road from Wadworth roundabout on to the A1(M) which has been closed for safety reasons will be re-opened.

    We’ll then have overnight closures to remove the cameras, reinstate the affected sections of the hard shoulder and repairs to the surface.

    Overnight lane one and full closures will be required to complete the drainage work in the verges with the scheme completing by mid-March, weather and conditions permitting.

    As part of the ongoing work we’re also looking at options to carry out some additional resurfacing on the A1(M). If this goes ahead work will be carried out at the same time as the drainage improvements in the verges.

  • 27 November 2020

    Barrier work almost complete

    We’ve installed almost 70% of the new concrete barrier along the A1(M) and aim to complete this work by Christmas.

    In the new year we’ll start to remove the narrow lanes. We’ll have full overnight closures to carry out this work in one direction, firstly the northbound and then the southbound carriageway.

    This work has been pushed back by a month after we found some additional underground pipes and wires and rock within the central reservation which has reduced the amount of work we’ve been able to complete on site.

    We’ll then carry out work in the verges which will be done using lane closures overnight. This is expected to be complete in February, depending on reasonable weather conditions.

  • 19 October 2020

    Excavation work completed

    We’ve now completed all the excavations ready for the concrete barrier to be installed. Just under 50% of that has now been completed and the remainder is now paved and ready for the installation.

    Narrow lanes will remain in place until the end of November. We will then have full overnight closures in one direction to remove the narrow lanes from the northbound and then the southbound carriageway. These will run into December.

    We’ll then be carrying out work in the verges which will be done using lane closures overnight. This is expected to be complete in early 2021.

  • 24 August 2020

    Narrow lanes now in place

    Narrow lanes are now in place on the A1(M) between junctions 35 and 37 with a 40mph speed restriction so barrier work can be completed during the day (8am until 6pm).

    As a result the northbound entry slip road from Wadworth roundabout (M18 southbound to A1(M) northbound) has been closed for the safety of drivers.

    This is because there isn’t enough room for traffic to merge into the narrow lanes as well as traffic joining the A1(M) using the free-flow link.

    Drivers are being diverted down to junction 34 at Blyth to then travel northbound. This will be in place until the narrow lanes are removed in November.

    We will also have a number of overnight closures for deliveries and also to lift the precast permanent barriers into place. Further details will be provided shortly. 

  • 01 July 2020

    Additional closures no longer needed

    During the two weekend closures we had in May and June of the northbound carriageway we completed a 500-metre section of concrete safety barrier at the northern end of the scheme. We’ve also completed some nearside verge drainage work.

    We had three more closures planned for July to carry out the same work on the southbound carriageway at the southern end of the scheme. We’re pleased to confirm that work has progressed so well that we no longer need these additional closures.

    Instead we can keep the route open for you using narrow lanes with speed restrictions for safety.

    We’ll install the narrow lanes around the end of July, beginning of August for approximately 12-weeks with a camera enforced speed limit of 40mph.

    For safety and to minimise disruption we’ll be working between 8am and 6pm during the day with limited intermittent overnight closures for deliveries and to remove materials.

    Clearly signed diversions will be in place agreed with local authority and police.

Project information


We’re removing the life-expired steel central reservation barrier along this motorway section of the A1. The existing barrier will be replaced with 4,600 metres of concrete safety barrier and 370 metres of steel barrier protecting bridge supports with 1,550 metres of new central reservation drainage.

This work will improve safety for drivers travelling along the route.

The current steel safety barrier along the route is nearing its end of life and needs upgrading. 

The replacement barrier will provide better protection, it will need less maintenance and is more durable. The drainage work will reduce the amount of surface water improving safety and providing better journeys for road users. 


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