Key milestone in A1 Birtley to Coal House project


01 Sep 2023

New Allerdene Bridge in action

Key milestone in A1 Birtley to Coal House project

A major milestone has been reached in the A1 Birtley to Coal House project after traffic began using the newly constructed Allerdene bridge.

In a strategic move aimed at optimising traffic flow and enhancing connectivity, a crucial milestone has been achieved at junction 67 at Coal House.

Traffic heading northbound exiting the A1 at junction 67 will, from Friday 1 September 2023, start using the new Allerdene bridge.  

By moving the northbound exit slip road National Highways can continue construction and re-align the other lanes of the A1 on to the new Allerdene bridge.

Over the coming months road users will see other lanes gradually moved on to the Allerdene Bridge.  

In addition, the southbound carriageway of the Bowes Incline on the A1 has seen a change with traffic now making use of some of the new lanes.

This secondary milestone promises reduced congestion, improved traffic management and heightened road safety measures.

This shift enables National Highways to switch work on the central reservation and continue preparations ahead of the installation of the anticipated North Dene footbridge in the coming months. 


Helen Burrow, National Highways Project Manager, said:

"We are thrilled to see traffic smoothly transition to the new bridge and lanes. These accomplishments are a testament to the remarkable progress achieved in the project.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued customers for their enduring patience during this transformative upgrade." 

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