Lighting the way in Staffordshire!


05 Jan 2024

Last autumn, we replaced almost 6,000 road studs on a section of the M6 in Staffordshire as part of our designated funds scheme.

Lighting the way in Staffordshire!

The work was carried out in September and October 2023 between junctions 12 and 13 of the M6. This section of the motorway was not well lit and suffered from a high number of sideswipe accidents, where the side of one vehicle hits, scrapes, or makes contact with the side of another.

To help reduce the number of accidents on this stretch, 5,860 new solar-powered studs were installed which use high brightness LEDs to provide visibility, rather than reflection from vehicle headlights.

The new solar studs light the way for vehicles travelling on the M6

These solar studs provide:

  • 10x better visibility than traditional reflective studs, of up to 900 metres.
  • significantly increased driver reaction times
  • 10 nights’ operation on 3 hours of bright daylight
  • a clear indication of lanes and junctions in all weather, enhancing driver confidence.

To help keep disruption to a minimum, work was carried out mostly under lane closures with some closures to entry and exit slip roads to allow work to be completed safely. In addition to this work, road markings were also renewed, maximising the use of closures in place.

National Highways Project Manager, Chris Carter, said: “Safety is our number one priority. The work we’ve carried out on this unlit section of the M6 will make a real difference to motorists, improving visibility and providing safer and smoother journeys.

“The new solar-powered studs are more durable than standard road studs and require less maintenance, meaning less disruption in the long term thanks to fewer roadworks. This work will ensure the road remains safe for years to come.”

Below are some images of the work being carried out.