Our South West apprentices - meet Teri Preston


10 Feb 2021

Apprentice Project Manager Teri Preston shares her experiences at Highways England

Our South West apprentices - meet Teri Preston

How did you first find out about your apprenticeship and what was the application process like?

I first found out about the apprenticeship opportunities through apprenticeship forums/websites. The application online was straight forward, with my interview being with my line manager and the Assistant Project Manager on the scheme I’m placed currently. It was great to meet some of the team I’d be working with and they were really helpful in answering my questions and making me feel at ease.

Tell us a bit more about your apprenticeship – what is your role and what is the day to day job like, how does your week usually look at the moment?

As an Apprentice Project Manager my day usually consists of a few catch-up calls with the project team and supporting the project managers with tasks throughout the day. My week is really varied as I’ve got involved with different aspects of the project, however I’d say one of my favourite areas is the Ecology/Environmental side. I always have enough time to focus on the apprenticeship work each week in addition to the role itself.

What made you consider an apprenticeship and did you know much about them before you considered one?

I applied for the apprenticeship due to wanting to gain professionally recognised qualifications within project management whilst working in the profession. Before applying I had a basic idea of what an apprenticeship would be like, however since joining the company my expectations have been exceeded due to the opportunities that have been provided to me.

What’s your proudest moment so far in your apprenticeship?

I think my proudest moment would be when I chaired a regional meeting to the directorate where I work. I was very nervous about the public speaking element of the meeting however everyone was really supportive throughout which made me feel more relaxed. It’s great to work for an organisation that provides feedback and recognises your successes.

What would your advice be to anyone thinking about an apprenticeship with Highways England?

I would highly recommend the apprenticeship programmes at Highways England and would suggest for everyone to apply. The work is really varied and interesting and the support I’ve received has been great. I’d suggest utilising the resources on the varying websites catered for individuals applying to apprenticeships to get a feel if an apprenticeship is right for you and understand what to expect.