International Women’s Day - meet Becky Marshall


15 Mar 2021

Becky is an Assistant Project Manager in our Regional Investment Programme based in the South West.

International Women’s Day - meet Becky Marshall

Hello Becky. So, to start with, when/why did start working for Highways England?

I started working for Highways England in early 2015 as an apprentice, so six years ago now! I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I joined and didn’t think I’d be here six years later but here I am, and I have no plans to leave any time soon.

What is your current job?

My current job is Assistant Project Manager in our Regional Investment Programme based in the South West. Our team is part of the wider Major Projects family.

What does your role involve within Highways England?

My role supports the delivery of our National Infrastructure Projects. My role is very varied but a typical week would involve checking progress against our programme, reviewing invoices and forecasts, writing and/or checking correspondence with the general public, meeting stakeholders, sitting in on technical discussions and liaising with other areas of the business.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy the challenge and variety that I have in my job role. There’s always something new to learn and get involved with. I’m really lucky in that I also work with a great bunch of people who are very supportive and always up for a laugh.

What one piece of advice would you give to women thinking about a career in project or programme management, transport or infrastructure?

I would say go for it! There’s so many opportunities and things to get involved in. I joined Highways England when I was 19 and it was quite a male dominated environment I came into which I thought would be quite intimidating. Once I’d settled into my role that certainly wasn’t the case. Everyone is welcome and brings different views and opinions to the team or project. The other thing I’ve learned is when applying for jobs and it talks about a ‘project’ you’ve worked on, that doesn’t have to be a huge multi-million-pound scheme, it could be a charity event you organised while studying at sixth form or university. Think outside the box about your experience and a lot of it you can probably transfer into project management

The theme for international women’s day this year is #choosetochallenge - what does it mean to you?

For me it’s choosing to challenge stereotypes, there’s still unconscious bias in certain places around gender and what certain genders should or shouldn’t do or say. For me, it’s about empowering us to speak out when we see that happening and make sure everyone has the same opportunities, experiences and ability to say what they wish regardless of gender.