Focus on Gloucestershire improvements


12 Oct 2020

Focus on Gloucestershire improvements

Improving and maintaining the strategic road network is a key priority for us. 

Over the next year we’ve got several schemes hitting the ground in and around the M5 in Gloucestershire, and on top of that there are also two important consultations taking place during autumn 2020.

map showing locations of Gloucestershire schemes and consultations described in the article
Gloucestershire schemes and consultations


There are two, separate, public consultations being held in October.  One for the M5 junction 10 (the exit for north west Cheltenham) and one for the A417 Missing Link. 

These consultations relate to major schemes that are in their development phase.  If you use these roads, or live close to them, check them out, and have your say before the consultations close. 

M5, Junction 10

this consultation is being run by Gloucestershire County Council. We’re working closely with them because it involves our motorway junction, but they’re running the consultation and collating the feedback.  In a nutshell, they’re consulting on their proposal to build an all movements junction (allowing you to join or leave the motorway in all directions) to replace the limited movements one that’s there now, which only allows you to join or leave the M5 in certain directions. The work is being funded by the Housing Infrastructure Fund and is intended to help unlock potential for housing and economic growth.

If you have any views on the proposals, visit the Gloucestershire County Council consultation page. Make sure you have your say before 25 November.

Please be aware, the work on M5 Junction 10 shouldn’t be confused with the West Cheltenham Transport Improvement Scheme (WCTIS), that’s a separate piece of work being delivered by Gloucestershire County Council.   

A417 Missing Link

We’re holding a supplementary statutory consultation for this scheme from 13 October – 12 November 2020.

This is because we’ve used your feedback from the previous consultation in 2019, and have made some changes to our design, which will improve local connectivity and reduce the overall impact on communities and the environment.   The consultation run for four weeks, ending on 12 November 2020.

It’s important for you to have your say, even if you’ve taken part previously, and, or you’re happy with the overall proposals.  This consultation will help to inform our application for a Development Consent Order which we plan to submit in 2021.

Visit our A417 Missing Link page for more information.

Maintenance projects in and around the M5 in Gloucestershire

We know no one likes roadworks, but they are essential to help ensure the network remains safe and serviceable, and during the autumn and winter 2020, three major schemes affecting our network in Gloucestershire will begin.

Work to improve the Staverton Overbridge.

The first scheme to hit the ground. This structure crosses the M5 between junctions 10 and 11. We’ll be working on it until summer 2021, completing a bridge deck refurbishment.  The overbridge is completely closed for the duration of the works, with a local diversion in place instead. 

M5 junction 11 Golden Valley gyratory bridge refurbishment

This 18-month scheme, which we are starting in September 2020, will see both bridges supporting the structure fully renovated.  It will include the removal and reconstruction of ballast walls, concrete repairs to the bridge deck, replacement of bridge bearings, removal and reconstruction of parapet edge beams and safety fencing, and the waterproofing and resurfacing of the carriageway and footpath.   

The work can only be done safely while sections of the gyratory are closed, as deep excavations are needed.  For that reason, it will not be possible to drive around the roundabout during the works, but instead traffic will only be able to access the A40 and M5 from certain directions. 

  • Southbound traffic on the M5 will only be able to access the A40 towards Cheltenham.
  • Westbound traffic on the A40 will only be able to access the M5 Southbound. All non motorway traffic must stay on the A40
  • Northbound traffic on the M5 will only be able to access the A40 towards Gloucester
  • Eastbound traffic on the A40 will only be able to access the M5 Northbound. All non motorway traffic must stay on the A40

Motorists travelling to or from Cheltenham and Gloucester are advised, where they can, to use alternative routes to avoid junction 11 for the duration of the works.   This is especially important considering the ongoing (separate) works being delivered by Gloucestershire County Council on the A40 at Arle Court as part of the West Cheltenham Transport Improvement Scheme.    

diagram of accesses at M5 junction 11 during gyratory refurbishment described in the article
Accesses at M5 junction 11 during gyratory refurbishment

M5 resurfacing between junctions 10 (for Cheltenham) and 11 (for Cheltenham and Gloucester)

We're planning to start this work in early 2021.  It's needed because the section of road has reached the end of its serviceable life. Work is expected to take around three weeks to complete, and will involve overnight closures. 

Keep up to date

You can find information on these three schemes and  keep up to date with progress on our South West maintenance schemes web page.