Un-beam-lievable - another bridge in place for the M25 junction 10 upgrade!


18 Oct 2023

Watch as the beams for the new Wisley Lane bridge get lifted into place.

Un-beam-lievable - another bridge in place for the M25 junction 10 upgrade!

The M25 junction 10 project team are on a bridge roll, with the second of eight new structures taking shape last weekend.

A total of ten, 80 tonne beams were shipped across the Irish Sea and travelled by road to our site at junction 10 where they’re now sitting proudly over the A3.

These beams form the base of a new road across the A3 from Wisley Lane to Ockham Park roundabout, and is just one of the many improvements we’re making to help ease congestion and create safer journeys around one of the UK’s busiest junctions.

And it’s not just drivers that will benefit; walkers, cyclists and horse-riders will also get to enjoy a safer route as well.

If you missed the action, you can watch the beams being lifted into place below:

We’ve got another six months of work to complete both the Stratford Brook and A3 bridges before they can be opened next spring.

Work on some of the other new structures is also progressing well. At junction 10 itself, we’re continuing to build the beam supports, known as abutments, for another two bridges which will form a wider roundabout over the M25. These bridges are being built using the same pre-cast concrete method as the ones at Wisley Lane and Stratford Brook.

Elsewhere on site, we’re continuing to make significant improvements around the A245 at Painshill roundabout and Seven Hills Road junction to reduce congestion and ease the flow of traffic.

In the last few months, we’ve finished installing the permanent sheet pile wall alongside the A3. A sheet pile wall is used to hold back soil and earth behind it which will give us space to build the new widened section of road.

For more information, take a look at our A245 improvements factsheet.

The next six months will also see us drilling 40 feet below ground for a second tunnel, to divert a major gas main near Painshill. We’ll also start constructing the new bridleway alongside the A3 between Wisley and Cockcrow bridges.

With a busy time ahead and lots of milestones coming up, be sure to sign up for updates on our webpage where you can also find more information about the scheme.